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NAAFA Girls are Man Hating Racsits

Fat Acceptance Women Are Jealous Man Hating Racists

One of my best friends and a great friend to the New American Fat Acceptance Movement (FAFAM) is the Chef. The Chef is a very successful man and a man of color as well as a very colorful man.

While it is true that fat girls like Black men but in reality that are only using them for sex because the sexual prowess and the large penises of Black men are well known. Tupac put it best when he said skinny Niggas can really throw the dick but so can fat ones like the Chef.

In 2006 the Chef was kind enough to grace the Dimensions forum with his presence and share his vast knowledge of culinary advice with all the fatlings, feeders and feedees there. The men welcomed him with opened arms but the fat girls turned on this proud man of color simply because he stated that he, The Chef, "ain't got no wood for them SSBBWs God bless em" They gave the Chef a hard time for speaking in Ebonic which in itself was highly racist.

This above link is to a very long thread so I, Fat Bastard will only post a few highlights and low lights,

Here is the Chef's introductory post:

Big man, big appetite, no apologies!

The Chef is a big man with a big appetite, he ain't apologizin for that. The Chef is a big man because he has a big appetite and he has a big appetite because he is a big man. There ain't nothin wrong with folks havin a healthy appetite!

A few years ago the Chef posted at the NAAFA board. The Chef had many fine friends over there and the Chef was sad the see their fine board closed to the public. The Chef tried a few other SA forums but he could never find anything as good as the NAAFA. The Chef thought about the Dimensions site but was put off by the idea or feederism, but the Chef did some thinkin........ as a chef in real life, the Chef is a feeder. You see, the Chef cooks up fine dinners for many fine people 6 nights a week. The Chef knows that many of his customers are fat folks. The Chef serves larger than average portions of food and the big folks appreciate that. The Chef's place is well known for its hearty portions and fair prices. The Chef is proud of the reputation he has built for himself. The Chef owes much of his success to the fact that, like the Chef, big folks have big appetites and they enjoy eatin a lot of food. The Chef don't get no wood off it but the Chef does make a dollar off of the feedin of fat folks!

The Chef is gonna stick around here for a bit and check things out.

The Chef hopes to make many fine, new friends here!

Missaff Warmly Welcomes the Chef

Welcome aboard!

Dimensions is not solely about feeding people. We are from many walks of life and many background, and most of us are here because we appreciate the friendships and understanding from Fat Admiration. You will find we love food, and enjoy it, but we are also here for Size Acceptance and a place to feel welcome.

So... welcome!

The Chef Responds in Kind
The Chef thanks you for your warm welcome!

The Chef is glad this is more than feeder site. The Chef does like his ladies on the large side. He prefers his ladies on the rubenesque side and then some! BUT he ain't got no wood for them SSBBWs God bless em.

As a man of color, the Chef understands discrimination and knows that fat folks face it on a regular basis. SA is a movement that more big folks should become involved in.
 Then the racist angry man hating fat girls began their vicious cyber lynching of the Chef and oh boy does it get ugly!

Originally Posted by Ella Bella
How about using I and me every now and again? It's gonna be hard to take your posts seriously when you keep calling yourself The Chef. Makes me think of The Rock.
My fine, sexy Miss Ella, don't be so down on the Chef. The Chef ain't judgin nobody but how can yall talk about bein takin seriously when you got a picture of you in a thong dancin on a pole?

Don't get the Chef wrong, you got a fine plump ass and the Chef appreciates you showin it but the Chef don't see how you can preach about bein takin seriously when you stickin your fine sexy behind in peoples faces!

A particularly FUGLY fat girl Tina attacks the Chef and calls him a troll but she was really calling him a Nigger. chef is warned to keep himself in check. The chef hasn't made the friendliest of entrances now after that swipe, and given the latest troll invasion, and the reality that all new registrants within the last few days could be more of the same, the chef runs the risk of a very quick censure. Just so the chef knows.

  In other words ACT WHITE YOU NIGGER!

Originally Posted by SamanthaNY
Here's the deal, Sparky. It's pompous and arrogant to continue to use this third-person speech. Not only will people not take you seriously, it's a gimmick that's gonna wear quickly and move from amusing to unfunny to annoying.

I realize that you feel this is your "thing", but it's difficult for others to communicate with that manner of speaking/posting. You seem like a friendly fellow, so I'm merely suggesting that you reconsider your approach. Use the third-person on every third Sunday and/or holidays if you must.

The Chef does not feel that he is pompous or arrogant. The Chef is a humble man, a Christian man.

The Chef's daddy was a proud black man who taught the Chef to take pride in what he has accomplished.

It is the custom of some accomplished black men to speak in the third person. The Chefs personal style is his personal style. The Chef is deply sorry that you are offended by style of communication.

Originally Posted by SamanthaNY
Equal Time For Whitey!!
The Chef responded: .............and this aint a racist forum.......huh!

The Chef thinks that perhaps this strong young brother should take a gander at this thread and comment on weather or not he thinks there are racist overtones to what has been said to the Chef.
Samantha Lies and asks: You want an unbiased comment from a brother?


Originally Posted by THE CHEF
.............and this aint a racist forum.......huh
And LOOOK!!! He be one of them coloreds!

Originally Posted by mossystate
And on that thinks this thread needs to be closed.

Chef responds: Why? to cover up your racist comments?

Tina's Avatar

This is ridiculous. The only benefit to this thread is the cut aminals.

Thread closed due to racial slurs by chef. Totally non-productive thread.

You're outta the game, Chef.
Fellow Fatlings; there were no racial slurs on the part or the Chef. See it for your The racists closed the thread because the Chef is very smart and clever and he outed them. It is disgusting that an organization that claims to be for civil rights can be so racist.

 Closed Thread

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