Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Greedy Glutton and Hero to Fatlings Everywhere Sues White Castle: Seats TOO SMALL

Fat rights hero  Martin Kessman

Let's give Martin Kessman a resounding OINK! A mere pup at a svelte 290 pounds this strident oinker is standing up, well actually sitting down for fatlings everywhere by filing a lawsuit against the White Castle hamburger chain. Kessman is pissed because he loves White Castle sliders but he is too fat to fit in the booths and enjoy then so he has to send his wife to the hamburger chain to fetch him these tasty treats. Being a good fatling Kessman was not going to take this lying down. Being smart he figured if White Castle didn't have booths big enough to accommodate his big bulbous belly then they were violating the law! Way to go Martin!!

So impressed by Mr Kessman's heroic actions and fattitude NAFAM the New American Fat Acceptance Movement and NAAFA North American Association for Fat Asses has awarded Kessman the Golden Pig Award and NIFAM the New International Fat Acceptance Movement has given him the glutton of the week award.

The Prestigious Golden Pig!

Fellow fatlings; oink loud and oink proud for this brave boar!

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