Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Real Women Have Curves

The man hating shills in the NAAFA style FA movement claim that real women have curves and they say that fat women have curves.
This is big fat Joy Nash. Get a load of those curves.
Skinny anorexic and flat as a board Kelly Brooke

Not a curve in sight on this stick girl!

These pictures prove it. Fat girls are curvier than skinny girls like the emaciated one in the second photo.


  1. I never liked the word curvy used to describe people who are more rotund. To me, curvy is when the waist is prominently small than the chest and hips. When someone is fat, they are rotund, not curvy.

    But I have also always said, real women come in all shapes and sizes. Real women have large curves. Real women have subtle curves. Real women have no curves. Real women are everything in between fat and rail thin. No woman deserves to be compared to the shape of a boy.

  2. Those wacky FA hogs hate normal women so much that they say that unless a woman is a fucking pig they say she's not a real woman.

  3. I'd rather pork Kelly.

  4. Joy is too much of a whiny fat girl and she's too fat for a fat guy to pork.

  5. Joy Nash is one of the few hot fat chicks.

  6. Joy is naturally beautiful and yes, curvy in a sexy way. Kelly, while pretty, has had implants and probably lipo as well.

  7. I agree anon. I put a ruler on the pix of Joy and wow does she have curves. Kelly is as flat as a board.

    If you count the waist to hip to chest ratio Kelly wins but when it comes to blubber and fat folds and pillow arms Joe is the clear winner.


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