Monday, October 24, 2011

The Dangers of Statin Drugs and The Greedy Doctors Who Prescribe Them

Once again the criminal medical industry maims fat folks. Even if you don't have high cholesterol the medical industry thugs will put you on statin drugs. Like most prescription poisons statin drugs do more have than good. Greedy doctors just don't care about anyone.

While the over prescribing of statin drugs to fat people is the issue here. Normal sized people are not exempt from deadly pharmaceutical poisons either.

If your doctor want to put you on a statin drug don't let him until you have had the proper lab work done and if conservative safe and natural methods have failed like fish oils and eating less fried food... no fuck that fried food is delicious.



    A fat comedian, Patrice O'Neal has had a stroke!!! He is only 41, and we here in the Bigger Fatter Community need to send him our support and love in this time of need.

    During the Charlie Sheen roast, everyone was mean to him and making fun of him, and now he had a bad stroke. He may never recover.. it's a sad day for us failings...

  2. Oinking sadly. He will be in our thoughts and the most Reverend BLA is probably holding a prayer vigil for him.

    We all have to die from something so it might as well be food!

  3. The worst part about going to the doctors is that it wastes time and money that you could have spent at a nice restaurant like KFC.

    When I was having some surgery, they even told me to fast before the surgery for like 16 hours. So I restricted myself to only fast food for those 16 hours, and then ultimately they got pissed off at me for downing some KFC Famous Bowls prior to my surgery, telling me that a fast means that you can't eat AT ALL. Thankfully I survived the surgery anyway.


    I am also going to try out for a UFL team, as a nose tackle. I don't have the mobility to be a third down running back because I'm just too big and easy to tackle due to my wide sides. However, I am damn near immobile, so as a nose tackle I should be able to stuff the run, and even push dudes back into the quarterback. I am very excited about my football career.


  4. Doctors are always giving us gluttons the eat healthy speech and the lose weight speech. They are soooooo bigoted against us gluttons. Oinking angrily!!!

    Those KFC bowls are GRRRRRRREAT! They have added bacon to them... it's about time.

    Belly Boy, you would make a great nose tackle but you'd have to waddle out onto the field. I think you should be an NHL goalie. All you would have to do is sit there and when the puck is in the other end you could eat. You won't overheat because you would be sitting on ice.

    Another plus is they could feed you giant snow cones with the ice scraping from the Zamboni. Sure you would make a great nose tackle but those guys never get the glory they deserve or the money.

    Belly Boy, you are so fucking huge that you are wider than the net. Not even Wayne Gretsky in his prime could get the puck past you. You could easily be the greatest goalie to ever play the game. They'd pay you big bucks. EAT!


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