Friday, January 27, 2012

One Very Angry Oink @ Strong4Life

If I have said it once I've said is 1000 times, fat kids are cute but the weight loss Nazis at Strong4Life are launching a Gestapo like attack on the fat kids of Georgia. Georgia is proudly one of our fattest states and it boasts having the number 2 spot for childhood obesity. Strong4life wants to ruin all that with their fear mongering and fat phobia. In response to this neo Nazi organization I, Fat Bastard and issuing one very loud and angry OINK! OINK!

We are not alone in our angry oinking. Strong4Life is hearing a cacophony from the angry sows at Fierce Fatties who has a CALL TO ACTION to stop this hateful venomous assault on fat kids and their fat parents.

Here is some of the hateful things Strong4Life is promoting.

In this video a sadistic drill instructor forces this fatling to walk for 6 minutes!

In this video fatling kids are put through workouts that would kill a Navy SEAL and then they are force fed vegetables before they are led in to a vegan black mass with high priestess MeMe Roth.

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