Sunday, January 29, 2012

Paula Deen Defies Doctors and Diabetes

Paula Deen the Butter Queen a gorgeous gal glutton heroine to fatlings everywhere is not letting her diabetes impede her hedonistic ways. Diabetes will not stop the gormandizing diva from eating her usual glutton fare. Piggy Paula, the Southern sexy sow siren and mature motherly MILF cow of the Food Network is bravely defying the medical advice of alarmist doctors and eating whatever she damn well pleases y'all.
A Hefty Porker Paula making short work of a Belly Burger

TMZ originally broke this story but our own internet reporter Belly Boy has been in touch with the meaty Southern belle and is hoping to get a comment on the TMZ story.

Porcine Paula has turned lemons into lemon meringue pie with a thick butter crust by striking a deal to shill Novo Nordisk's Victoza. Paula in her diva like defiance is telling fatlings everywhere that you don't have to give up delicious food when the drug companies have kindly catered to the needs of big fat gluttons everywhere.
This BBW gourmet is proof that FAT FATTENS BEST!

Paula is bravely taking Victoza ene though it was given a Black Box warning: “Because it can cause thyroid C-cell cancers, even though Victoza should only be given to patients for whom the potential benefits are considered to outweigh the potential cancer risk.” Although the marker for thyroid cancer present in patients was high, it was still within normal range, according to the authorities. Still, the only way to find out is to continue ongoing cancer monitoring for the next 15 years! Paula is not only hot pretty pig she is not acting as a guinea pig so that other fatlings, food sluts and gluttons can enjoy and abundant and gluttonous life while actualizing her greedy gluttony and making a cool 500 grand in the bargain.
Proud piggy Paula cashing in on her diabetes!
Read more about Victoza here

According to other news sources Paula's stick boy sons are not happy with Paula's eating and her choice to take Victoza. As a result these snot nosed ingrates are accusing Paula of being a poor role model for young folks but Paula has a strong retort and angry oink. Paula is one hell of a ROLL model -- a Parker house roll with lot's of butter.


  1. I've always enjoyed Paula Deen, even though her recipes with endless sticks of butter and languidly flowing rivers of oil made my stomach churn. Still, her sparkle and her manner draw you in. She takes her good with her bad, including in situations which would mortify most of us - such as the instance where the elastic on her pants broke at an awfully inopportune time - and maintains her trademark grin.

    But now we learn that Paula Deen has type-2 diabetes, a disease that is increasing in frequency along with our waistlines. More startling, however, is that Deen, according to the Associated Press, was diagnosed with diabetes three years ago. She has now come forward with this information as a spokesperson paid by a drug company to talk about diabetes.

    Deen reportedly said she waited to make her diagnosis public because "I wanted to bring something to the table when I came forward."

    Of course, Deen could have brought something to the table years ago when she was diagnosed; she could have told people that consuming the food she makes could harm their health. Instead, she has gone on offering the same greasy, sugary, fatty fare.

    As reported by the Wall Street Journal, being a celebrity chef is big business. No doubt the revelation that Deen herself was suffering from a disease that is one of obesity's most constant companions would have impacted her ability to appear everywhere over the past three years, peddling her trademark fat and calorie bombs.

    The program for which she is the spokesperson even has a lifestyle system, which has recipes and discusses food preparation, according to the Associated Press. I doubt that any of Deen's recipes offered over the last three years will be included. It feels as though she sold this country a lifestyle lie, the lie that her comfort foods were nothing more than that, when she was living with their likely very real consequences.

    We need to take a lesson from this revelation. There is no magic shield, and though Deen claims, according to MSNBC, that she's always suggested her foods be consumed in moderation, moderation is not what she models. What she's modeling now is the physical toll of too much fat, too much sugar, and too many calories.

    Even if someone appears to have our best interests at heart, it serves us to be skeptical. If Deen cared about the people who admire her, she wouldn't have waited until she had a paid deal to talk about her condition; she would have warned the people who look at her as a fun surrogate sister, surrogate mother, or surrogate aunt.

    Rather than do that, it appears that she chose to protect her brand for three years until she was in the position to create a new one. I don't know about you, but I find that anything but comforting.

  2. It is pretty obvious that Dean's behaviour is unethical, both professionally and personally. She promoted a bad lifestyle even after she knew he caused diabetes and then decided to profit off of the medicines used to treat the disease her abhorrent lifestyle causes. While one cannot ignore the culpability of people who listen to her and make that food, she is responsible for pushing it as okay. Again, one can liken it to a drug dealer taking advantage of druggies. Only, druggies don't reap money from rehab centres on top of the money they get by pushing the drugs. Paula does.

  3. OINK! Paula is a the fucking butter queen for Christ sakes! OINK!!!!!! GLUTTONY IS GOOD!!

  4. Porks Fat Old BroadsJanuary 30, 2012 at 8:26 PM

    I don't watch much Paula Deen, but I've seen her show a coupla times and I have no problem with it. I think she'd make a good lay.

    I like Anthony Bourdain, but you have to admit he's the typical New York cynical neurotic. He know's food, that's about it.

    There is no such thing as "bad food", unless it's spoiled or poisoned.

    I know diabetics, and they eat what they want in moderation. Low fat means low flavor. "Lite" means light in flavor and unsatisfying. Anything other than whole milk tastes like sh**, or white colored water. Anything other than whole, salted butter tastes like oil.

    Salt makes food taste better, fat makes food taste better in every case and gives a sense of real food and satisfying heft. That's why "rich" is synonymous with delicious and satisfying. Eating "healthy" food doesn't make you live just SEEMS that way.

    Every nutritionist I ever met was a bit of a Nazi with a "do as I say or you're sh**" attitude.
    I dislike them, like I dislike everyone from Virginia. Dikheads all. West Virginians are OK.

    People always say McDonalds is "bad" food. Bull, McDonalds is good food, healthy and real. You just can't live on it exclusively every day and expect to be healthy. Common sense.

    But people who say "eat healthy" and avoid fat and salt and processed sugar are bereft of common sense.

    Paula isn't doing anything wrong.

    1. @ Porks Fat Old Broads:

      I give you 5 out of 5 oinks! Brilliant!

      I bet that old whore Paula is one hot sow in the sack. You have a good eye for piggy fat girls.

      You are also correct that there are no bad foods especially once you smother them is butter and sugar.

      Paula is a greedy glutton and there is nothing wrong with that.



    Thanks for the free food.

    Now I have to say that Paula Deen is just helping people be happy. She's just providing options for hungry fat people, who will help the economy and the butter industry. Food is one of the last things Americans still lead the way in, and in order to get this country back on track we're going to have to ramp up our food production, and to jumpstart that we need to ramp up our food CONSUMPTION! Let's get it going, people! Let's start EATING!

    I love Paula Deen's Peanut Butter Cup Brownie S'mores, especially since the first ingredient is a cup of melted butter. Orgasmic!!

    Paula knows that butter is flavorful, and the purpose of eating is to max out your flavor and overall eating pleasure.

    True gluttons don't just go by taste, they rely heavily on Mouth Feel, and that's where butter aids food greatly. It increases the pleasure of eating. Salted butter is amazing. Salt is amazing.

    If they come out with Sugared Butter that would be a real winner. Also Peppered Butter, since that would cut down on my butler's egg cooking time significantly. I like to add my own pepper though.

    I like my eggs Belly Boy Style. I order up a Harsh Dozen, which is 18 eggs; 12 over easy, and 6 scrambled and mounded on top of the 12 fried eggs. I then also have a pound of salted thick-cut bacon, fried crisply to perfection, with the bacon grease used to cook the eggs and hash browns. Throw in some sausage links or a t-bone steak, and a short stack of pancakes drowning in real maple syrup and slathered generously with salted butter, and you've got yourself a Belly Boy Breakfast. I drink a pot of coffee with it, and it really gets my day started right, with enough energy to be humming along while I do my exercises to increase my mobility.


  6. Belly Boy, once again your grasp of the economy of gluttony is amazing. Paula makes people happy and that makes them want to eat more which makes them even happier which makes them want to eat more, which makes them even happier which makes them want to eat more, which makes them even happier which makes them want to eat more, which makes them even happier which makes them want to eat more, which makes them even happier which makes them want to eat more.... It is a sustaining feeding and economic cycle and it has a Ronald McDonald Reagan trickle down effect just as warm creamy butter trickles down Paula Deen's blubbery throat.

    Farmers make more money, dairies make more money, supermarkets make more money and the consumer is happy and happy consumers spend money. Fat economists call it Gluttonomics.

    There will never be a food bubble because we gluttons will eat it.

    I think I will head out to Hardees an get me a couple of 2/3 pound triple bacon cheese burgers, apple pie, shake and fries. We gluttons can energize this sluggish economy with good old fashioned American greedy gluttony.

  7. You are very right, Fat Bastard. It's the Ronald Reagan McDonald effect. If the engines of our economy (the fast food and regular speed food industries) are lubricated like the muff of a SSBBW surrounded by horny FAs, or like an SSBBW in the presence of a donut (equally arousing), then we can unlock our nation's potential. Food powers us up so we can do other jobs, like making food, cooking food, growing food, eating food, making cooking reality shows, etc. You take away the food and everyone would starve. Give us limitless food and the possibilities of the nation become limitless.

    Did you know that a gallon of gasoline has 31,500 calories in it? That's way more than a gallon of whole milk! Or even a gallon of melted butter! Unfortunately humans are not evolved enough to drink gasoline safely, so we can't get fat off of gasoline. I would chug it nonstop if it weren't for the fact that it would kill me because of the chemicals. They need to make a gasoline that you can drink, so that hungry gluttons can fill up their cars while filling up their gullets with the same delicious rainbow-colored elixir called gasoline. My Asian girlfriend loves gasoline, and spray paint. She does her nails with spray paint.

    I'm glad that you went out to Hardees to get some nice 2/3 pound triple bacon cheeseburgers, an apple pie, a shake, and some fries. That's a good meal right there. I should treat you to a Belly Boy Burger one of these days if you make it out to California. I'll even give you a couple vacuum packed ones that you can reheat at home. The vacuum packing makes them not get moldy even if you leave them there for weeks.


    1. The US needs to go to a food based economy and we need to be on the gold Twinkie standard. We are doing a good job exporting fast food to the rest of the world but we also need to be promoting glutton tourism.

      The Heart Attack Grill is a Mecca for greedy gluttonous Americans but it should also be an international Mecca. As President Belly Boy I would hope that your first executive action is to build a Heart Attack on every floor of the UN building.

      An mandatory increase in portion sizes should be your next executive order. Stimulating appetites will stimulate the economy.


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