Friday, February 10, 2012

Carrie Fisher: Another Weight Loss SELLOUT!

Carrie Fisher Weight Loss: SELLOUT!

When it is going to end?! First is was Fergie the Princess of Pork, then Valerie Bertinelli then Kirstie Alley, then Marie Osmond and now Carrie Fisher.
Sultry sow Kirstie now a bag of bones!
Plump pretty piglette Val now a bony bimbo
Hot hog Marie now skinny and skanky
Fat and fabulous Carrie Fisher
Carrie Fisher gaunt and ghastly after weight loss


  1. Carrie Fisher has been eating too much fish and not enough pork and beans and cheese. That's it - I'm fed up with this stuff. It's time for me to make some a Belly Boy Belly Buster Sandwich.

    First I take 2 hot dogs, a hamburger beef patty, a chicken patty, some pork, and then I blend them all together into a nice puree. Then I mix in some cheeses and a fine blend of spices. I then cook it up on the grill, and put the resulting masterpiece onto a garlic bread roll. The combination of flavors is powerful enough to give me an instant hard-on, and by the time I finish it, I've also "finished" if you know what I mean.

    I also make sure to have a lot of rice on the side, and some sautéed veggies as well. When I make rice, I always make sure to put some Velveeta on top, so that it's actually tasty enough to be worth eating.


  2. Melted Velveeta is the nectar of the Belly Gods! YUM!

  3. @ Anon YEP!

    Mixed cheeses is a fat man's Jesus!


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