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The Politics of Sex

This is about the age old question that ends with the famous saying, "It's not the face you fuck, it's the fuck you face." but the answer to the age old question doesn't answer this age old question. What would you rather do, pork a BBW of bone a slender woman.

About a year of so ago we attempted to answer that question. With the help of some of the best experts in the fatossphere we set a debate between me, Fat Bastard and my best friend Proud FA where we debated the merits and disadvantages of porking fat girls and boning skinny women. At the end of the debate there was no clear winner. Submitted for your approval here's the debate with special commentary from the Chef. 

Porking Fat Girls vs Boning Skinny Chicks

September 24, 2010
My blog partner over on BiggerFatterBlog  and I, Fat Bastard have hotly debated what’s better, porking a fat girl or boning a skinny chick. Here we will debate. Our moderator is Coach Gaines. Reaerd the illustrated saltier version on Bigger Fatter Blog.

Coach Gains: Gentlemen we will be debating the virtues of porking fat girls  vs  boning skinny women. Let’s start with you Proud FA. You have porked hundreds of fat girls so tell us why you think porking is better than boning.

Proud FA: Coach, all guys want to get laid and we don’t want to have to jump through hoops to make it happen and because fat girls are often sluts and there are so many of them these days a guy can score like their was an empty net. Plus fat girls are more likely to be uninhibited.

FatBastard: For guys like Proud FA that may be true but and it a big BUTT when you are a big fat ass like me it is not always possible to pork a fat girl and you certainly don’t want one on top. That could be dangerous!

Coach Gains: Fat Bastard makes a good point fat boys have a very difficult time getting their dick in a fat girl unless they are hung like our good buddy the Chef. How do you respond to that.

Proud FA: Coach when when skinny guys like us party we party hard, when we feed we feed hard and when we fuck we fuck hard. I’d get all bruised if I boned a skinny chick they way I used to fuck fat girls. Like they say, the bigger the cushion the better the pushin.

Fat Bastard: Who wants to do all that work? Who wants to take the risk of some fat girl doing the reverse cow girl on you and breaking your legs. Even skinny guys unless they are hung like the Chef can only pork fat girls in the missionary position.

Coach Gains: Let’s ask the Chef what he thinks about that and whether he can verify that. Chef how hard is it to go doggie style on a fat girl?

The Chef: As you know the Chef is a big man with a big appetite. The Chef loves the ladies and the ladies love the Chef be the Chef ain’t got no wood for them SSBBW, God bless em so the Chef can only pontificate about porkin the BBWs with big butts. You take a pear shaped BBW with a 50+ inch Sir Mix a Lot ass and your averaged dicked man would would have a hard time poppin that coochie. Also your BBW’s like to lay on their backs while the Chef makes sweet love to them.

CoachGains: Thank you for clearing that up Chef. Proud FA what is the absolute best part about porking a fat girl.

Proud FA:  That’s hard to say but if I were to pick one thing is would be their sluttiness. Fat girls will do anything to get the sausage. I have done things to fat girls that you wouldn't do to barnyard animals and they loved it.

Coach Gains: Fat Bastard what is the one best thing about boning a skinny chick?

Fat Bastard: As you know coach there is nothing a fat boy wants to do more than eat and thinling pussy which is caviar of cunt. It’s always fresh and clean -- nothin funky there. There is nothing like lying the tongue to a sweet fresh pussy and boy do they appreciate it. Fat girl gash is always nasty and often yeasty. My opponent Proud FA will even admit that.

Coach Gains: Proud FA, Fat Bastard makes a point. Would you agree about fat girls having rank muff?

Proud FA: A lot of them do but I think we should defer to the Chef as he does eat fat girl gash more than I do and to be fair I usually put them in a hot tub first during the feed and to get them cleaned up down there.

The Chef: It depends on how fat they are. If they are plump and thick they usually ain’t all that bad but when they become somewhere between a BBW and a SSBBW they do get more rank. The Chef has also boned skinny ladies and they always smelled really good. They are gourmet.  BBW’s and SSBBW’s sweat and fart more, bathe less and they got the yeast problem. Obese women and yeast infections go hand in hand.

Coach Gains: This question is for Fat Bastard. What’s the worst thing about boning a fat girl?

Fat Bastard: They just lay there and expect you to do all the work. I surf a lot of porn so I’m used to seeing really hot leanlings. It’s tough enough getting it up for a fat girl let alone keep it up. Fat guys and fat girls are not all that compatible.

Coach Gains: Proud FA, what is the worst thing about boning a skinny chick?

Proud FA:  There really isn’t anything wrong once you get to boning them the problem is they have high standards. They can be real sluts in bed but getting them to bed is the problem.  Many of them want to be in a relationship first. That’s how it was with my fiance Thinnette. I actually had to take her on dates and court her but with fat girls there's none of that politicking. A fat girl wants the sausage and they will do anything to get it.

Coach Gains: Tell us about Thinnette and how she stacks up against fat girls in the sack. Fat Bastard asked me to ask you that question.

Proud FA: Wow! that puts me in a tough position but in all honesty Thinnette wins. Fat Bastard is sneaky by slipping in that question but I must say sex with Thinnette is mind blowing.  She’s very considerate and other than giving head she’s the best I have had and I have porked many many many fat girls. She’s clean smelling and I really like going down on her. It took a while getting used to having her ride me as I was never into squashing so it would never have a fat girl ride me but now I love a woman on top!  She also has endurance.  Fat girls tend to get tuckered out.

Coach Gains: Chef, I’m gonna let you have the last word.  Chef what is your opinion seeing as how you have porked and boned a lot of different women of various sizes.

The Chef: The Chef has indeed made sweet love to many fine ladies so the Chef has a certain level expertise when it comes to makin sweet love to fine ladies. However, like the Chef said, he ain’t got no wood for them SSBBWs and that was primarily the ladies that Proud FA used to pork. The Chef likes his ladies like he likes his steak; tender,  juicy, pink in the middle and a bit on the thick side. The best sex the Chef ever had was with a fine lady of color who stood about 5’6″ and weighed in at about 150 pounds with a big bootie. We both had a little of the sticky green (for medicinal purposes only as the Chef is a bit gouty in the leg) the Chef put on some Barry White, popped open a bottle of fine wine and we then made sweet love for many many hours.

There you have my faithful readers. Who won the debate, me Fat Bastard or Proud FA?*xexvzAj6XG4N3R3nmWba9bCu7ScM2Wc9c2gOY8m8Gz6xRrSY6ks0FaV3/FatLadySkinnyGuy.jpg



  1. I think that unfortunately Proud FA lost the debate. He had no real argument because he himself has given in to the thin side by being with Thinnette. Now there's nothing wrong with that, except that it undermines the Fat movement. They are probably going to have skinny children who will not eat enough food to keep the economy going. That is what worries me. If you are not fat by age 30, your chances of ever becoming morbidly obese are greatly reduced, which hurts the economy.

    I think that as a solution to the problem of running out of money to pay Social Security, we should just encourage senior citizens to get into the gaining lifestyle. Give them fast food vouchers so that they can fill up on burgers and fries, which will make them have happier lives. Yeah they won't live as long because they will get fat, but this is then a way for us to close the gap budget-wise so that we don't have to cut benefits. This is what I consider to be Belly Boy Thinking.

    And now, it is time for a slice of cheesecake.

  2. Proud got a taste of some skinny muff and he liked... A LOT. He got a few yeast infections in his sinuses and he had a hip dislocated when a BBW was doing the reverse cowgirl on him.

    Belly, you are not saying something I don't already know but look at it this way. We need thinlings to service us. We are royalty.

    I think that fattening our seniors is a great idea. That is where the Twinkie comes in. You don't need teeth to eat a Twinkie.

    I did the calculations and if we could cut the life span of seniors by 2.7 years we save 1 trillion dollars.

    All that calculating made me hungry too. I just ordered a a pizza and wings and a liter of Dr Pepper.

  3. Nice! Dr. Pepper, pizza, and wings are just what the doctor ordered! The powerful taste combo unleashes pleasure throughout the mouth region, translating into happiness. The caffeine of the soda is also great.

    Thinlings will not willingly service us unless they marry us or if we are rich. We need not just thinlings, but FAT FETISHIST THINLINGS. This is the only way for us to go forward. We need more fat porn, and we need to make sure that once thinlings turn 18, they start watching fat porn, and no porn before then.

    This will stimulate the economy and create jobs. Giant Pleasure Sows (GPSs) will now have jobs, getting plowed by 20 year old guys on camera. Super Morbidly Obese men will be able to make a living getting BJs from thin sluts. This will encourage young women to take charge of their lives and be providers for their families, allowing their morbidly obese husbands to revel in domestic glory and have fulfilling lives taking care of the food situation at home. This is forward thinking!

    My Asian girlfriend is getting sick from huffing so much paint all the time, so I made her switch to beer. So far she seems to be doing a lot better, just getting drunk instead of getting high on spray paint and collapsing and drooling. She's passed out on the couch now, and I rolled her over so that if she pukes she won't drown in her vomit. I'm a good boyfriend.


  4. The thing with caffeine is it can dull appetite and speed up the metabolic rate so what I do is put in a hefty splash or two of rum or vodka.

    There is a lot of BBW and SSBBW fat porn but not nearly enough porn with fat guys. I guess that because skinny guys have enormous schlongs and can fuck for hours on end but when it comes to muff diving fat boys with the gold medal.

    I agree on the skinny sluts giving us fat boys head. Since fat guys watch most of the porn it only makes sense that they would want to see fellow fatlings being blown.

    You and your Asian GF are lucky to have each other and you are a real stand up or shall I say sit down guy for looking out for her well being. You are indeed a good boyfriend to her.


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