Monday, March 19, 2012

Jealous Self Hating Fat People

Norm here is bitching about some SSBBWs who are in fatty scooters at the supermarket. Obviously Norm is self hating. Norm is also jealous because he lacks the courage and ambition to get fat like the SSBBWs he is so viciously maligning.

Shame on you Norm! Man up you jealous whiny coward and get fatter so that you can also have a scooter. Maybe then you will STFU!


  1. Yeah! The self-hating fat guy in the video seriously needs to go eat something, and shut the fuck up!

    I use the JAZZY power chair to get around because of the arthritis in my knees and ankles. My left knee is crippled up because, when I was a kid, I was in a car accident, so, as a result, I always walked with a limp and was unable to run.

    Naturally, I was lousy at sports because of my knee injury. The first time I was suspended from school was because I failed to climb a stupid rope in the gym.

    Oh! Never mind that I was passing all my academic subjects, such as SCIENCE AND MATH!


    PE, and sports was more important than academics.

    My mother taught me how to read before I even started school, so, by the time I was only in the third grade, I could already read at high school and adult level.

    Science has always been my favorite subject, especially Astronomy. Yeah! I like really big things, like THE COSMOS, and not petty retarded little things, like, DUH, sports!

    But, when I was in school, I was being taught, and indoctrinated, into how and why I should hate myself, just because I was no good at sports, even though I was good at science.

    Yeah! In the good ol' USA, we teach kids how to hate themselves!

    To be continued . . . . .

  2. . . . continued from previous . . .

    This was back in the 1960s.

    When I was in the 5th grade, my teacher was really Gung Ho about PE and sports, and he really liked to humiliate me in front of the other students in the gym during PE.

    Then, one day, our class went to the school library, and while all the other kids allowed to check out any book they wanted, I was no.

    We got into an argument over it, and he dragged me out into the hallway, pushing me back, and bashing my head against the corner of the concrete block wall.

    The following year, that teacher was fired and could not get a teaching job anywhere else. But for me, the damage was done. For years afterward, as a result of the concussion to the back of my head, I had dizzy spells and headaches.

    During my teenage years, the headaches became less intense and by the time I was in my 20s, I didn't have the headaches and dizzy spells anymore.

    Yeah! I was really fucked up during my teenage years because of all the bullying I had been through.

    I was being taught to hate myself.

    Well, fuck that!

    Yeah, and now, society dictated that I must hate myself just for being fat!

    Fuck that too!!!

    I like being fat, and I like using my JAZZY power chair to get my fat ass around.

    It's my way of being defiant against all the societal norms.

    And, fuck the Republican party with their anti-education and anti-science attitudes.

    And fuck Hollywood with their anorexic bimbo sluts in their size zero or size -2 outfits inspiring young teenagers to starve themselves in order to conform to the norms imposed on them.

    And as for the self-hating fat guy in the video, well, he can just . . .


  3. School has not changed much for kids. At my nephew's school they can't afford text books but the football team just got brand new uniforms and equipment and a new field house.

    I agree with you on the Rethuglicans but they are merely appealing to their Christard base.

    As to the guy in the video it is clear that deep down he's jealous. He really wants a power chair. He really wants to power eat like the super obese ladies he complained about. I think fear and that is what causes fat phobia and as we all know phobia means fear - irrational fear. Sometimes that phobia comes out in anger.

    I hear you on the ana girls but most of them don't hate us fat folks... plus we need the correct balance lean people in society. If it were not for skinny chicks I, Fat Bastard would never get laid. We fat white guys cannot adequately pork a BBW the way the Chef or Proud FA can.

    The other thing I like about skinny folks is they don't eat much and that means more food for us. When I'm driving my van that is a bit of a gas hog (why should a fatling not drive a gas hog?) I am thankful when I see thinlings driving puddle jumpers.

  4. I don't like the Republicans either. They are seeking to cut back on programs to help the less fortunate, and want to cut back middle class pensions for government employees, so that they can give more tax cuts to rich people. Even the author of the "trickle down economics" theory himself now admits that it was BS. The Republicans have done an excellent job with propaganda, convincing ordinary people that their rich-only policies will somehow benefit the average person. It's pretty disgusting and ridiculous.


  5. Regardless of the party the best presidents are fat. Most historians agree that William Howard Taft, Teddy Roosevelt, and Bill Bubba Clinton were our best presidents. Taft and Roosevelt were Republicans and the Roosevelt formed the Bull Moose Party. Leave it to a fat guy to come up with a great name like the Bull Moose Party. Clinton was Democrat who used Monica Lewinski's cunt as a humidor for his cigars. That's sexy fattitude.

    The only trickle down theory I am interested in is some of my man cream trickling down some hot skinny girl's throat or some vanilla ice cream with hot fudge trickling down my throat. OINK!!!

    The best part of most of today's Rebublicans trickled down their mother's leg.

    1. Now that's a trickle-down theory I can really get in favor of!!


    2. Boom Shakka Lakka chocolate fudge delight
      Boom Shakka Lakka eat it every night
      Boom Shakka Lakka on vanilla ice cream
      Boom Shakka Lakka every fat boy's dream

      Fat Bastard has the sound man crank the PA to 11 with a sound pressure level of 189 decibels and into the mic he shouts EAT! Then he tosses the mic to a member of the crew and joins his posse of skinny hos and fat bros.


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