Monday, March 26, 2012

Jonathan Antoine: More Proof Showing Fat Singers Are The BEST Singers

Known as the next Susan Boyle, Jonathan Antoine wowed the judges and the audience at Britian's Got Talent. Along with a hot little thinling Jonathan left the audience awestruck.
Jonathan Antoine and his main squeeze Charlotte Jaconelli

Once again this or proof positive that fat singers are the best singers. Click Here To See Here Of This Teenaged Pavoratti.

The list goes on and on but here are a few more great fat singers.
Country music's Wynnona "got a big brown beaver" Judd

Link to Wynona
Ann Wilson, the voice of rock & roll with scrawny blonde sister to her right

 Link to Heart's Website
The immortal Mama Cass
Meat "don't let your meat loaf" Meatloaf was the voice of the 80's.
Ruben the "stud sandwich" Studdard spanked Troy "my ass is achin" Aiken
Ladies popped a roddy for Lciano Pavarotti!/httpImage/image.JPG_gen/derivatives/display_600/image.JPG
Queen of Soul food Aretha Franklin


  1. Stumbled across another one for your files at the record store: guitarist Tom "Pig Champion.Though he's not a singer, he was the guitarist for the Punk Band "Poison Idea".It figures he'd be from Porkland, Oregon, where a donut shop is an actual tourist and celebrity draw.

  2. Bloat County in Georgia has some fine doughnut shops to and 90% of the people there are fatlings.

  3. Pig had a very beefy sound

  4. I wonder how many will actually survive into old age...

  5. Better to burn out in a pig out than fade away. Gluttony is here to stay!


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