Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Michelle Obama's Booty: A Pictorial Essay

Barrack Obama is always smiling. Given the horrible economy, he inherited the horrible wars and the ugly attack from the slime on the right you'd think he would be a sad sack. What is it that puts a smile on the president's face?  What is it that puts a smile on every man's face? BOOTY!
The First Lady Got Back!
A young lovely competes for the President's eye.
Talk about mud flaps, the First Lady's got em!
Click here to see a giant boob
He's an ass man!


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  1. Good evening Fat Bastard:

    Well, Michelle Obama is not exactly what I would call fat, but she sure has a nice booty on her!

    I have known slender women with nice big fat butts!

    When it comes to women, I'm a butt man myself.

    I also like big thighs on women.

  2. Spinal Tap and Sir Mix A Lot got it right.

  3. I'd like to bury my face in that hot chocolate mama.


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