Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

I am not qualified to comment on this with much authority so I will make some indirect observations.

In the above video SuperPacJack really states the obvious. Never having been picked on because of my race which is White it is clearly obvious even to me -- Trayvon Martin was was killed because he was Black.  Only an asshole could think otherwise.

Some of the sows in the FA movement like to draw parallels between the plight of Blacks and Jews with the "plight" of the fat and gluttonous and frankly the parallels that these people draw is offensive. Being Black is not a choice. Being fat is. If you can't hack being fat then don't be fat! You have a choice. Trayvon had no choice and neither did the Jews who were marched into the ovens. We CAN draw parallels between the plight of the Black and the Jew because both groups went through a holocaust and both groups are hated by ignorant bigots. We fatling are merely in opposition to the moralists who think that gluttony is a sin. The NAAFA girls who would compare our plight with that of  Blacks, Jews or American Indians really need to seek out the help of Jenny Craig and Richard Simmons. They are not fit to be fat and call themselves members of the regal fat community.

There is a holocaust and it is happening to ALL of us. It is called a Medical Holocaust. Knowing about it could save your life! CLICK HERE to find out about the Medical Holocaust
Craig A Sonner scumbag and douche bag at law

UPDATE! The scumbag lawyer representing Zimmerman is Craig A Sonner. His phone number is (407) 260-6853 


  1. There is a simple solution. KILL THE RICH!

  2. Good evening Fat Bastard!

    Excellent article!

    But, may I suggest that you also put up one of the videos of SuperPackJack sitting in his rocking chair while talking about the murder of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, and other political, civil rights, and social issues.

    SuperPackJack is a wise fat gentleman.

    And you could add . . . . .

    People need to listen to the fat man in the rocking chair.

    Because he knows what he's talking about.

  3. SuperPacJack is wise and I figured anyone with his wisdom had to be a fatling. Fat men are wise. Look at Buddha. :-)

  4. It takes a fat man to pour ladle after ladle of truth onto a warm bed of mashed logic.

    Me, I like french fries, not right-wing lies. But I do like buffalo wings.


  5. Gravy on french fries is a must!

  6. Gravy aka GRAVEy with melted cheese is great on fries and home fries and hash browns and that is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  7. Nobody seems to understand the responsibility of the SYG statute. Stand Your Ground Video CLICK HERE ,


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