Sunday, April 22, 2012

CG Brady Clobbers Diet Charlatans and Their Politics of Exploiting Fatlings

The following is part of a letter written lambasting a sleazy company and medical group selling HCG injections for weight loss. HCG is a hormone that is supposed to cause weight loss. The problem is, there is no evidence that it works. The truth is it is a scam perpetrated on fatlings who want to but their way thin.  HCG for Weight loss is a SCAM!

 With all due respect...

 MDs should stick to addicting people to drugs and DCs should stick to healing spines.

 You charlatans ignore several things when it comes to weight loss. The first thing you ignore is that none of your hocus pocus works. The other thing you ignore are the laws of physics and then you ignore reality.

 1. If the medical snake oil you sell worked we would not have an obesity epidemic.
 2. The so called SAD (Standard American Diet) diet is the same that people ate in the 70's except not the portions are 40% bigger. A simple accounting of calories will correspond with the increase in the average weight of Americans.

 3. The most the BMR can vary in individuals of the same age weight and gender is 35 calories a day.
 4. The most weight an adult female can maintain on 2000 calories per day is 140 pounds and then she'd have to be in a coma. That is an immutable scientific reality. She can CHOOSE to eat large amounts of nutrient dense foods with the correct amount of protein and fiber or she can pig out. I will not deny that the food industry and the medical industry have a vested interest in getting people fat and "addicted" to junk food but when you understand the psychology of gluttony you will see that most fat people remain blissfully ignorant about basic nutrition and or they feign ignorance. Proposing half baked barely tested theories only salves them and gives them more excuses and mechanisms for denial.

 I don't know what you are selling but it sounds like BS. Medical science today is an oxymoron. Nearly every medical study is biased and often sponsored by big pharma. As you may know the FDA is beyond corrupt and any study that looks into curing obesity is really a search for an expensive and dangerous pill or a justification for butchering a fat person's perfectly health digestive system.

Big people have bigger appetites. That's a no brainer. They get hungrier so they eat more. They fall for that low carb crap, they do OK for 10 days and after their liver is depleted of glycogen and they are entering ketogenic psychosis their brain cells are screaming for carbs. Then they think they are carb addicts. The repeat the induction phase and lose more muscle and then they binge on carbs again. BTW, Atkins died from heart disease and that Agatston got much of the nutrition wrong in his South Beach Diet book. He's also on statin drugs.
 It sounds like you are selling tests and some bullshit pills. What you need to be selling is reality. I could take 30 fatlings, feed them properly and their clinical indicators would return to normal in less than a week and they would lose weight. It's been done time and time again. They don't need a test or a pill.  They need an  adjustment... a fattitude adjustment. I know they are pathetic but that doesn't mean they should be exploited for their ignorance.

The following was CG's response to the claim that PCOS causes obesity.

 It's funny that you mention PCOS as a cause because there are more overweight men than women. That's reality unless gluttonous men are growing ovaries like they are growing man titties.

The following was CG's response to the claim that fructose, grains and MSG are obesogenic. It they were I, Fat Bastard would be promoting them.

 Fructose has a GI of 20.  Wheat has been a staple for 3000 years. MSG has been around and was used more when people were not obese. Use of MSG has been on the decline for decades.

I hope you are now debunked. Stop being such  charlatans.

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  1. Thanks Fat Bastard for posting this. We nee to stop the scammers who exploit the obesity epidemic.

    I have no heard back form those scoundrels but I filed some complaints against them.


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