Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gun Rights and the Second Amendment

Yeah yeah yeah I get it. people like Ted Nugent are assholes and the NRA is not as much about the the second amendment as they are pimps for gun sales but that does not nor should it negate the 2nd amendment.

I agree with with those who say the the second amendment gives more teeth to the first amendment. President Obama sees it that way too in that he did not sign an assault weapons ban. I think he would like to see the people take out some corporate thugs who have infiltrated our government.
With the current state of this country and the abuse and theft by the banksters and the medical industry charlatans fatlings especially need to arm and lock & load. Because of our size we can better handle the  higher caliber weapons.
Fatling demonstrates the advantage of a stable firing platform!

Red white and blue. These colors don't run, they waddle and I encourage all fatlings to waddle down to their local gun shop and buy some guns and ammo.
Here a hot hefty huntress stalks prey to cook and feed her hungry belly.
Guns, girls and gluttony, how much more American can you get?

This is not longer a left  vs right issue. This is a civil rights issue that should unite the left and the right against a common enemy. Watch this video and you will see what I mean.

Chicks are impressed buy fat guys with guns. We make them feel safe and protected.

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  1. Obama is far less anti gun than Romney.


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