Sunday, April 22, 2012

Obama Wins The Fat Vote Romney Flounders And Insults Fat People

Romney got caught buying votes with food. Sure, trading food for the fat vote works but it is illegal. President Obama is not only talking the talk but he is also walking/waddling the walk.
A beefed up Obama looking more and more presidential!

Anyone can buy food and pass them out to hungry gluttons but President Obama is putting that food where his mouth is and beefing up for the fat vote.  Fatlings respect that and getting fat is legal. Bribing people with food for votes is illegal.
Ronmey also has a smelly pedophile draft dodger problem in the form of has been rocker and chicken hawk  NRA mouth piece Ted Nugent.

Romney's problems with fatlings do not end with his food for votes, dog abuse and his relationship with Ted the draft dodging stinky pedophile draft dodger Nugent he is also facing a cookie gate scandal. Mitt was given some great cookies from a great local bakery an he dissed them. Not only did he diss the baker who is probably a fatling but he dissed all cookie eating fatlings. What a fucking douchebag.
Obama chowing on pizza! Does it get anymore American than that?
Mrs Obama joins him in his fast food feast!

Obama continually puts his food where his mouth is as he packs on the pounds and beefs up for the general election and he does it eating an all American diet. YUMMY!
Romney does not eat food. We at Bigger Fatter Politics would like to thank fellow fatling Newt Gingrich for exposing the money eating job exporting dog abuser Mitt Romney.
Romney eats like a pussy!
Obama eats like a real man!!

Romney never actually puts food in his mouth! Obama feeds his face like a real man! Maybe Romney does not know how to eat real American food. Obama is making short work of this philly cheese steak while Romney pretends to nibble on a fried rat's asshole.

Eating habits can tell you a lot about a person. Obama is not a finicky eater. He is an aggressive eater and he know what he likes and he goes for it. This reflects in his decision making. He didn't pussy foot around about killing  bin Laden or saving the auto industry. He went for it. He's a power eater and Americans admire that.
Obama is ballsy like the honey badger and Romney is a two faced mealy mouthed flip flopping snake and we know what happens when a snake crosses paths with the honey badger.



    I have been trying out Horny Goat Weed for the last few days.

    I have been getting RAGING BONERS! WOW! I even pulled an INCHER on this stuff, which is incredible! I am regaining my sexual prowess which has long been difficult for me to use.

    Now all I need is a 4G cell phone and I will be truly awesome. Cell phone in one hand, boner in the other, GF huffing paint thinner in the corner. She huffs paint, and then paint thinner, and according to her this balances it out. She said it is part of tai chi and and ancient Chinese secret.

    I like to eat food every day, so I make sure that I vote. I think Nugent doesn't deserve to eat nougat. He deserves to keep his mouth shut. He is too much of a fat-hater to be taken seriously. He needs to take singing lessons from Reuben "Sandwich" Studdard. He needs to suck on my man titties, rawwwwwwr!

    Romney hates the fat and the poor, and I cannot vote for an anti-fat or an anti-poor candidate. All he cares about is his rich banker buddies and he does not care if the auto industry goes bankrupt and millions of people lose their pensions and become homeless, because it will mean more money for the banks. He doesn't care about anything other than the rich people.

    BELLY BOY, eats pigs including the SNOUT

  2. Belly Boy, your Asian squeeze sounds hot. I think that huffing is an ancient Chinese ritual done by the Shaolin monks. Adding paint thinner just modernizes it.

    I still pop a woody once in a while. Wish I could find a live in hooker. Maybe the two of us should become pimps.

    Romney and Nugent suck turds. Obama may be controlled by the corporations but Romney is a corporation since he says corporations are people and since corporation can commit crimes with immunity I am declaring myself a corporation. WTF my belly alone is a corporation. I will name it Corpulent Corp. Maybe you can name your belly Belly Corp.

    You know Belly Boy, the don't just hate fat people, they hate everybody.


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