Friday, April 13, 2012

Romney's Lies, They Just Keep On Coming

Mitt Romney lies more than any politician ever.  Newt Gingrich lies a lot but I can forgive him cause he's a fat guy and he's so good at it. Spermin Herman Cain lies but he makes a decent pizza and he gets a lot of tail. Romney has nothing going for him. He was a lousy governor and he's a job killer.
Let's start with these five whoppers and I don't mean Burger King's legendary burger.

Lie No. 1: He tries to perpetuate all the GOP lies about Obamacare while fact checkers show it and Romneycare are more alike than different.

Lie No. 2: “Obama wants to cut $1 trillion from military spending.” Truth: Obama has committed to less than half that amount, $450 billion over 10 years. Besides, the cuts were mandated as part of the deficit reduction agreement in August. Obama has strongly opposed any additional cuts.

Lie No. 3: Romney said, “This president has opened up no new markets for American goods in his three years.” Truth: Obama has signed three trade deals, one each with South Korea, Panama and Columbia. Bloomberg News called the South Korean deal as “the largest since the North American Trade Agreement in 1994.”

Lie No. 4: Romney said Obama has no jobs plan. It is no secret that he presented his jobs plan to a joint session of Congress on Sept. 8.

Lie No. 5: In one of the last debates, Romney strongly insisted he would not negotiate with the Taliban to end the Afghan war. Henry Kissinger has strongly disagreed, and Eisenhower and Nixon did just that to end the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Bush and Secretary Gates said they sought to crush al-Qaida and negotiate a settlement with the Taliban. The Taliban are attacking our troops because they are there. Bin Laden is dead and al-Qaida is gone. Why are we still there, Mitt?

Romney's statements have all been sourced an fact checked by Politifact. He's been running his lying mouth today so there are probably a few more blantant lies.


Mostly True18(18)

Half True32(32)

Mostly False20(20)


Pants on Fire13(13)

Republican from Massachusetts 86 lies so far! 


Watch that weasel cock sucker Romney get nailed by hot lesbo Rachel Maddow. Did I mention that I Fat Bastard love lesbians?

Romney gets caught lying once again!


  1. Good morning Fat Bastard:

    Hey! Thanks for posting the link to my blog!

    I have returned the favor by putting up the links to all three of your blogs, Bigger Fatter Blog, Bigger Fatter Politics, and Medical Holocaust.

    Yeah, Mitt Romney's lies! They just keep on coming, and coming, and coming!

    He's just verbally jacking-off with his mouth in front of a broadcast microphone.

    He is so two-faced he can sing a duet by himself!

    I don't believe him when he says good morning!

    He's a fucking liar by the town clock!

    Even a broken clock gives the correct time twice a day, but he's a broken hourglass that can't do shit!

    He is an absolute moron. He doesn't have a brain in his head. He only has a spring roller for his tongue!

    If he did have a brain, he would throw it down on the floor, and play with it, and use it for Play Dough!

    No! Actually, he's so fucking retarded, he wouldn't even know how to use Play Dough!

    When they were passing out the brains, he thought they said trains, and he missed his. Actually, he was hiding behind the door. Hell, he wasn't even in the building!

    I mean, like, seriously! Is that a head on his shoulders, or is that just his neck blowing bubbles???

    The necktie he's wearing looks like it was made by a silkworm with hiccups!

    I wonder, who changes his diapers before he makes his appearance on TV?

    His IQ is greatly exceeded by his shoe size, which is actually a good thing for him, because, if his shoe size were equal to his IQ, he wouldn't even have feet!

    If they were to give him an enema before he dies, they could bury him in a match-box! Actually, there would be nothing left to bury!

    Oh gee! Am I being too cynical now?


  2. Teddy,

    This is the greatest analysis of Mitt Romney I have ever seen.

    As you know Bigger Fatter Politics aims to put a fat centric slant on political issues but this transcends fat or skinny. Mitt is a shit.

    I am not a big Obama fan but Romney is the worst of two evils. Obama is controlled by the corporatists but Romney is a corporatist.

    Romney is a dumb fuck and that is what they want. He's Sarah Palin dumb and he lies more than Gingrich.

    1. Quote: Fat Bastard


      This is the greatest analysis of Mitt Romney I have ever seen."

      Thank you Fat Bastard!

      Yeah! I love being cynical! I can be a fat bitch at times!

      One of my favorite comedians is Don Rickles.

      We both have something in common.

      We're both, fat, bald, and cynical!!!

      Anyway . . . . .

      I gotta give Newt Gingrich credit for one thing.

      He once said that he would like to see America go to Mars and we had been to the moon.

      Well, I'm all for that!

      Yeah, a fat politician who favors space exploration.

      But there is just one teeny tiny itsy bitsy little problem, with a great big contradiction.

      He's a Christian Fundamentalist who does not support science education, and would like to see Creationism inserted into high school science textbooks.

      So, without science education, how does he propose that America flies to Mars? Eh?

      Don't tell me! Let me guess!

      MAGIC CARPETS sprinkled with fairy dust???


  3. Teddy, thank you for plugging my blogs. It will save lives.

    1. Quote: Fat Bastard

      "Teddy, thank you for plugging my blogs. It will save lives."

      Yes, the post to Medical Holocaust will definitely save lives.

      But, let us be honest here . . .

      My two blogs, THE BIGGEST FATTEST BLOG, and my other blog, Truly Magnificent Monumental And Majestic Obesity, and your blogs, Bigger Fatter Blogs and Bigger Fatter Politics, on those blogs, you and I both openly encourage super morbid obesity and gluttony, and even, eating ourselves to death.

      Of course, as we know from your blog, Medical Holocaust . . . . . you warn about the dangerous of bariatric surgery, and how some diets and surgery to lose weight is actually more dangerous than obesity itself.

      I've known big fat gluttons who were in their 70s and 80s while many young anorexics die in their teens, or 20s, so, anorexia and gastric bypass surgeries kill much faster than gluttony and obesity.

      Also, with anorexia or gastric bypass surgery, one dies sad and miserable.

      But through obesity and gluttony, one at least dies happy!

      I knew an elderly lady in her mid 80s who was so fat when she sat down, her lower belly completely covered her thighs and protruded about a foot or so beyond her knees. She was in a wheelchair, and she was perfectly happy and contented.

      Her doctor wanted her to loose weight, and she told her doctor to shove it up left, pull it out, and suck on it! Yeah! I dearly loved that old lady!

      She had deliberately eaten herself into a wheelchair. Hell, why not!!! She was in her mid 80s, and as an adult, she can do whatever she damn well pleases!

      It's like, my super morbidly obese apple-shaped males depicted in my cartoon drawings.

      I like to depict them as super gluttons having a really bad-ass attitude, and who loves eating and becoming more obese, and going around in public showing off their bellybuttons and exposing their butt-cracks, mooning the world around them!

      They are all diabetic with heart disease, and know full well they won't live much longer.

      Ah! But do they care? Hell no!

      I hope so see, someday, in real life, super super obese apple-shaped guys as depicted in many of my cartoon drawings.

      I have already seen obese apple-shaped guys, in real life, with fat arms bigger around than their skinny legs.

      Now, I hope to see one, in real life, who's upper-arms AND forearms are bigger around than his hips and butt!

      I'm still waiting!

    2. What I think we are both trying to do is let people know that GLUTTONY IS GOOD!

      We also want people to know that it is not the quantity of life but the quality. Eating makes everyone happy so the more we eat and the more often we eat say YUMMY and the longer we eat the happier we will be.



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