Sunday, April 1, 2012

A thing of beauty is a joy forever!
Friendly's Grilled Cheese Burger Melt



    For decades, we've been held back by a flaw in the burger. The BUN!! A grilled cheese sandwich adds extra cheese, extra bread, and extra butter to your burger. It's a complete meal, when you add in the lettuce and the tomato, even though they sound like a salad. Normally I just love adding extra pickles, extra EXTRA mayo, extra cheese, extra onions, ketchup, and mustard. And some pickles on the side. But this would take burgers up to the next level.


    Now if only they could add in some bacon to those grilled cheese sandwiches, and bacon on the burger, and some mayo, pickles, cheese on the burger itself, onions, and ketchup and mustard, this would be orgasmic.

    So I'm going to make myself a version of the burger that I just described, actually.


  2. Belly Boy,

    Mankind has produces some beautiful things but this toasted cheese sandwich burger is the Sistine Chapel of gluttony. This majestic creation is a monument to and tribute to gluttons everywhere. I was going to add some comments to the article but I figured how could I improve upon perfection but you just did. You are a better glutton than I Belly Boy. You are right. It needed bacon.

    I was going to ask why this gourmand's gastronomic glee was not invented sooner. It seems so simple and elegant but obviously Friendlys hired a glutton to work in their test kitchens. The fatling who came up with this burger or burgers should get the Noble prize and he should share it with you.

    I was so moved by the bad boy burger that I had 3 last night and a Jim Dandy for desert. I will be going back to Friendlys tonight and ask them to put 2 or 3 layers of bacon on it as per your suggestion.

    This burger represents a quantum leap in burgers. Friendlys has always been glutton friendly this new offering put them right up there with the heart attack grill which is the Mecca of gluttony.


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