Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dr Oz Show On Pro Ana Shamelessly Panders to Fat Girls

The CDC's ORD lists anorexia as a rare disease. There are less than 200,000 people with anorexia nervosa in the use and less than 100 deaths. There is NO proof that pro ana sites cause anorexia nervosa. AN is genetic and organic. Most of the girls who go on the Pro Ana sites are bulimics who either suffer from anxiety and or personality disorders than manifest themselves as a need for control.  Most of them are vain fat girls who will not accept and embrace their gluttony and food lust and try as they might they we never be light.

Dr Oz aired a show bashing the Pro Ana movement. The theme of the show seemed to suggest that visiting these sites can cause a person to come down with anorexia nervosa. I, Fat Bastard along with millions of other fat guys are on those sites all the time to look at pictures of those hot skinny chicks and none of us have lost an ounce. What happens is we drool and since it is tough for fat guys to get laid we eat and beat off.

OK Dr Oz, give us the facts on the death toll from pro ana and then tell us how many of us fatlings eat ourselves to a glorious death. The reason you don't attack the pro gluttony and pro obesity sites is that fat girls make up 90% of your audience. Fat girls swoon over skinny guys like Dr Oz and I suspect he's porking a fat girl.  Let's see if Dr Oz has the balls to go after the fat acceptance movement. I doubt if he has the belly to tangle with the likes of Marylin Wann and dog faced gremlin Kate Harding, Let's see Dr Oz go after the Fierce Fatties or or Big Fat Blog.
Men want to see her and fat girls want to be her!
Katie Rickel PhD (Piled higher and Deeper)  wrote a bullshit article on Dr Oz's site.

Katie is a thinling but she must be competitive. She's a bit of a butter face and perhaps she's jealous of other ana's like these thinsporational hunnies who have angelic faces and hot bodies.

Get your facts straight Dr Oz! I bet that your producers are a bunch of fat girls who hate skinny girls. Go to the CDC's site get the facts on anorexia nervosa before you make another mountain out of another mole hill.
Another target of jealous fat girls.
MeMe Roth, yet another target of fat girl jealousy
Hot thingling laying across Belly Boy's belly



    I want that skinny chick to be digging into my FUPA (Fat Upper Pubic Area) and see what she can find in there!

    The latest episode of Workaholics just had a great character, known as Big Fat. He is morbidly obese and disabled, from saving someone who was about to be hit by a bus - he then jumped in front to save her and got hurt and then became obese. The protagonists need him to come work at their telemarketing company so that they can use the handicap space so they don't have to park on the street and move the car every 2 hours to avoid a fine, or come in to work at 9am instead of 10am (which would enable them to get one of the normal parking spaces.)

    Big Fat is a good role model because he cares about others, and he has lots of pet cats, he is an excellent rapper, and he's a cool dude.

    I have recently gotten into a licorice binge, eating loads and loads of black licorice. It has discolored my stool. I am pleased.

    In other news, Burger King has released a bacon sundae. I must sample this delicacy.

    In New Zealand news, there is extreme discrimination against the obese:
    There is a man who is being persecuted for his weight, being possibly forced to attend a trial against him even though he is near death from all of his obesity-related medical conditions. Us super morbidly obese people have enough medical problems that we should not be subject to the normal laws. We already have to deal with things like Floating Kidney, omegatension, type 3 diabetes, blocked arteries, retrograde ejaculation, body dysmorphia, clogged vein pain, lymph node explode syndrome, and persistent hunger syndrome.

    Also, recent research has revealed that being obese protects you against one of the deadliest forms of cancer, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. It cuts your risk of death from in the 60's %, to in the 40's %, which is actually about a 1/3 drop. So drink those milkshakes and pack away the Belly Boy Burgers and Belly Dogs.

    I myself am having a Belly Boy Pasta Meal. Big Lard Ass just invented it. You start with 2 pounds of fresh angel hair pasta, cooked al dente to perfection, mixed with a fine pasta sauce with some fresh crushed tomatoes in there, 2 whole onions that are diced and caramelized, and then a thick 1 pound layer of 4 different cheeses melted and mixed in. Then some hot and spicy polish sausages are mixed in, as well as some bacon crumbled on top. It's a pretty good meal, even for a big guy like myself, although I admit that I'm more of a burgers and fries / hot dogs and fries kinda guy. I don't like having lots of wine with a fancy meal like this, I prefer to guzzle down loads of beer, or just lots of mixed drinks.



  2. Big Lard Ass can give Emeril Lagasse a run for his money YUM!

    Many fat people are good Samaritans. Look at the great work you, BLA and Dr Bear has done.

    I am still fuming about the Dr Oz Show. Without skinny chicks with low self esteem us fat boys will never get laid. I need to find me a paint huffing skinny chick.

    Yes Belly Boy we are in the golden age of gluttony. The food industry is on the cutting edge. Everyday it seems they are putting out some delightful gastronomic goodies. OINK!

  3. Us fat boys need a fine mix of both sexy sows and slinky svelte sluts. Back when I had more sexual ability, I preferred masturbating to fat chick porn; I am mostly only attracted to morbidly obese women. Skinny chicks don't really do it for me, except my Asian girlfriend but I would often look at fat chick porn while she was going down on me in order to get off.

    I have given her some golden spray paint, and it's like she is a new woman! She is perking up even as she spaces out, and the voices have started coming back again. She hears voices and they tell her to do things, and usually it involves sexual things. I know she is faithful to me but I do let her play around with other women only. No other men. After she has had some fun with some women, it loosens her up for some time with me.

    However, given that my testosterone levels are rapidly sliding down towards castration levels, I am having a tough time sexually. None of her wiles and charms are working. My boner is not strong enough anymore after years of unbridled gluttony. That is why I am starting on some hormone regimens prescribed by a doctor, to try to reboot my system and become able to get powerful manly boners again, and regain my body hair and pubic hair which all fell out. I only have hair on the top of my head and my eyebrows, all the rest of my hair fell out :(


    1. OINK!

      For me it's skinny chicks all the way. While fat girls give the best head cause they area always hungry there is nothing hotter than having a skinny chick ride the baloney pony. I also prefer the more delicate aroma of skinny pussy. I have also gotten thrush from eating yeast beaver.

      BB you can have your cake and pie and eat it too. Do not deny your gluttony. OINK! Get the HRT and get lots of it. It will cause you to ad muscle. Then you can join the UFC. I just watched a re run of the Roy Big Country Nelson/ Jr Dos Santos fight. Roy got robbed. The announcers were saying Roy would be a better fighter if he trimmed down. That's total BS. He should beef up to 500 pounds. If he got drunk he would not feel any of the punches that would just feel like a sting sober. His opponents would punch themselves out and Roy could them knock the shit out of them.

      Have the doc give you ten times the dose of testosterone and join the UFC. With your girth and aggression you'd be unstoppable. You would have 1000's of groupies.

      There is nothing like hot Asian lezzy action. I beat off to that shit all the time. I do like seeing a big fat Rosie O'Donnell diesel dyke munching a skinny Asian chick's sushi slit.

    2. Skinny chicks feel so tiny that I worry that I would snap them in two. A big girl has not only a tighter vagina from the surrounding fat (a VERY HIGHLY UNDERRATED advantage of fat chicks, like those with BMIs of say 35) but they tend to be more highly sexually charged as well. The key is to get one that is fat, but not too obsessed with food. It's a delicate balance. If I were a mere 200lbs, I'd find myself a nice moderately fat woman.

      It's going to take a few months for HRT to work. There are two kinds, just the gel you spread on your body and it dries and is absorbed as testosterone - that then makes your balls shrivel up because your body says it has enough testosterone so it shuts down your balls. The other is HCG or something like that, which increases LH, which tricks your body into thinking it needs to make more testosterone, and therefore it naturally makes you make more of your own testosterone, and your balls don't shrink. The problem is, that type is not FDA approved for that purpose, so most doctors won't prescribe it. It will never be FDA approved because the drug is already generic so there is no money in it. Instead, guys get prescribed androgel which will make their balls shrivel up and make them sterile, depending on how much they take, but usually they need a high dose to get their testosterone back up to normal.

      So, I have a lot of work cut out for me. I am wondering if I need to scale back my beer consumption a bit as I heard that beer and alcohol lower your testosterone. I drink about 16 beers/drinks a day so I am wondering if I scale back, will my testosterone come back?

      I need to join the UFC as BELLY BOY. Or even better, the WWF, with BLA as my tag-team partner. My special move would be the BELLY FLOP, where I smother my opponent by falling on him.

      Butterbean did some MMA fights, and he won a bunch - he's a good fighter. If you go toe to toe with him, he will eff up almost anyone, nobody can withstand his power punches. They are killer. Roy Nelson needs to get some food training, he needs to put on about 80 pounds of muscle, and 200 pounds of fat, if possible. The fat absorbs damage, and protects your vital organs. This is why Butterbean doesn't tend to get hurt too much, his body is able to absorb the punishment and his power lets him dish it out.

      Since I will be on testosterone legally, then hopefully it would not be against the rules.

      Hot Asian lezzy action is where it's at. She's also starting to get really heavily into bath salts, since they are legal like spray paint.


    3. I can't comment on the vaginas of fat girls as to how they feel on the penis since it is not possible for a fat guy to pork a fat girl. I can tell you that their muffs are tough on the nose for me.

      The Belly Flop? What about the Belly Bury where you bury them with your pannus? Can you lift your belly and drop it on them?

  4. Good morning Fat Bastard and Belly Boy, and everybody else here!!!

    OK, this is way off topic, but in a way it isn't, because this deals with another favorite passion of mine, Astronomy, which is big fat science all about our great big fat universe out there.

    Anyway . . . . .

    As you all probably know, back on Tuesday, June 5,2012 there was a transit of Venus across the face of the sun.

    Here in El Paso, Texas, it started at about 4:05 PM until sunset, and I had my telescope set up on the patio at a Starbucks to observe the transit.

    I have just now, posted this topic on my blog, THE BIGGEST FATTEST BLOG, with photos of me and my Galileo telescope set up to observe the transit of the sun across Venus.

    There will not be another such event again until December 11,2117 about 105 years from now.

    Anyway . . . . .

    Please do check out my latest article on my blog and post your comments.

    Thank you!

    Teddy Bear - AKA - Ursus Majorus, The Great Bear (The Big Dipper)

  5. Whoops! Typo!

    I meant to say, the transit of Venus across the sun.

    Not, the sun across Venus!

    Sorry! My bad!

    1. OINK!

      I need to add another listing to your resume Teddy, astronomer. Do you think that maybe you could be the world's fattest astronomer.


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