Monday, June 25, 2012

The Obesity Industrial Complex

I will not be commenting on this. I hope that Dr Bear can find the time to make sense of this. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing. I am truly confused. OINK!


  1. Good evening Fat Bastard:

    Well, I can understand why they're saying that we need to make healthier food choices.

    But, I resent the intrusions of a Nanny State trying to dictate our life styles.

    OK, Thursday of last week, I saw my doctor, so he could renew some of my prescriptions.

    Fortunately, I don't require a lot of medications. My doctor say I'm doing great. The last time I had lab work done, my cholesterol levels were only 140 which is actually lower than normal, and my triglycerides were only 90 which is excellent.

    My blood sugars that day were 60 which is a little bit low. My temperature was 97 instead of the usual 98.6 which is normal for most people, but mine has always been a little bit lower then average.

    But, my doctor was concerned about one thing. He say my blood pressure was a little bit too low, only 100/60 so he had to make some changes in my medications, and my pulse was 47 which is rather slow.

    When I was much younger, my pules was a little faster, usually around 70 or so, and my blood pressure was higher, at the normal 120/80 but now it's a little bit too low and my pulse is slower.

    I'm like a turtle. Actually, giant turtles live longer than humans.

    I have also read somewhere in some medical article a few years ago, that if you're in your 60s and 70s that obesity is not such a big health threat, that if you managed to live that long with obesity, then most likely, it won't be obesity that kills you, but rather, just plane old age.

    In fact, some doctors are even suggesting that older people in their 60s and 70s should not attempt to lose too much weight.

    I'm 60 years old now, and I'll be 61 this coming September 30. Most of my relatives were fat, and lived into their 80s, and they were kind of old fashioned. They didn't believe in weight loss diets.

    Maybe that's why they lives so long! Eh?

    Well, I do avoid too many junk foods and try to get fresh fruit and vegetables every day. But I got to have whipped topping on my strawberries and I like to keep ice cream in my freezer.

    I smoke a pipe and cigars but no cigarettes. I have been smoking pipes and cigars since I was 19 years old and I've been a heavy coffee drinker since I was 17 years old.

    I'm un-apolitically FAT and loving every pound! So, I say, my weight is nobody's business but my own, and I resent all attempts by some Government Granny Nannies to control what we eat.

    If the economy goes bad, and more people lose their jobs and their homes, and are going hungry out in the streets, maybe it's a good idea to have a little extra fat on your body to survive those lean times when food is not easily available and also, fat serves as a good insulation during the cold winter months.

    So, there is a good reason why poor people are fatter than rich people.

    We need to be fatter!

  2. Good evening again Fat Bastard!

    Today I went out to get some more cigars.

    I got off the bus downtown to ride my JAZZY power chair to the new bus terminal.

    On the way, I saw this fantastically obese pear-shaped lady riding in her power chair!

    Her broad hips overlapped the armrests, and she had this huge lower-belly below her waist. It had to be the biggest groin area I had ever seen! Her lower belly was so magnificently huge that it completely covered her short fat thighs to her knees, and it hung down so low, she had to sit with her knees wide apart to allow her enormous lower-belly to hang down so low you could only see her feet and ankles underneath!

    Too bad she was wearing black stretch pants!

    She should have been wearing a light grey or blue, or some light color. Shocking pink would have been fantastic! But she should have at least been wearing light colored plaid pants. It make the lower belly look even larger.

    Bright colors makes us fat people look even larger!

    I really don't like wearing dark colors, especially during the summer heat.

    Anyway . . .

    She was absolutely fantastic!

    Or, I should say, fatastic and flabulous!

  3. I talked with CG about this. He thinks that HFCS is not all that bad. Like you he believes gluttony is a choice. He did express some grave concerns about genetically altered food. He also thinks that that obesity creates more business for the food and medical industry and in may case this if true.

    I could never sustain your glorious weight Teddy.

    BBWs in bright colors are a site to see! Cuter in a scooter, that's what I always say.

  4. Good evening again Fat Bastard:

    HFCS, that's High Fructose Corn Syrup.

    Fructose, is a natural sugar that comes from fruit.

    I guess, it's not too healthy in it's purest form, but if it comes from eating fruit, it shouldn't be any problem at all.

    Just like white table sugar. It's better to eat the natural brown sugar, because it has more vitamins and minerals, where as white sugar has all the good stuff processed out of it, so it's not as healthy.

    Also, I prefer whole wheat bread, or better still, rye or pumpernickel. White bread sucks!

    Speaking of genetically altered food . . .

    Hey boys and girls! Can you say Monsanto???

    I have been signing online partitions against Monsanto with their GM crops. GM meaning Genetically Modified.

    Of course, some form of genetic modification has been going on for centuries.

    We know about Darwin's Evolution and Natural Selection.

    Evolution is not completely random, that is, natural selection is not random. Mutations are random, but the environment works to select which mutations will have an advantage, and the ones that are selected for will produce more off spring.

    We humans have been selecting animals and crops for centuries. It's called artificial selection, and it works in exactly the same way as natural selection. We select the biggest cattle to produce the most meat, and dairy cows with the highest milk yield, etc. etc.

    In artificial selection, We select for traits that we find most desirable in crops and animals.

    In natural selection, the environment determines survivability and the odds of producing the most off spring.

    They both work in pretty much the same way. But what is determined by natural selection, may or may not be what we see as most desirable.

    But, GM, as done by Monsanto, has produced corn that is sterile and will not reproduce. Farmers will have to be indebted to buying seeds from Monsanto, and there is the possibility that eating Monsanto sweet corn may be damaging to one's health.

    The Union of Concerned Scientists, to which I subscribe for their Newsletters, have expressed some concern over Monsanto and it's miss-use of genetic modification.

    I need to look up some more information on how Monsanto genetically modifies their corn.

    So, natural selection, and artificial selection is one thing.

    But genetically altered food is an entirely new thing and there is still much that is still unknown.

    Teddy Bear

    1. I hear ya Teddy!

      I have written on Medical Holocaust about Monsanto. That GM corn scares me. Another thing I read is that the GM crops are why honey bees are dying off.

      Food doesn't taste as good as it once did when I was a younger Fat Bastard. I have to agree with CG, I think the food industry is fucking with our food in a very sinister way. As a glutton this really pisses me off. Food is sacred to us gluttons.

      I have heard Monsanto referred to as the FDA's enforcement wing. The farmer and rancher are our friends. This agribusiness shit needs to stop. We need the family farm.

      I used to subscribe to the motto, "vegetables are what food eats" but since reading your sage advice and having so many cardiac events I have come to appreciate the humble vegetable, fruits, legumes and tubers.

      There is nothing like a deep fried kosher dill pickle fried in peanut oil.


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