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Romney's Lies and Flip Flops on Gun Ownership

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Wild boar on a spit cooked to a turn,
Partridge out of a pear tree and in a blackberry pear sauce! YUM!
Rabbit prepared for roasting.

Romney's Lies and Flip Flops on Gun Ownership 

Romney has said "I support the right of individuals to keep and bear arms as guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution," though in past campaigns he has described himself as a proponent of gun control, and he fully supports a ban on assault weapons.

For Romney's 1994 US Senate campaign, he supported the Brady Bill, which imposed a five-day waiting period on gun sales, and a ban on particular semi-automatic rifles. In a 2002 debate during Romney's campaign for governor of Massachusetts, Romney said: "We do have tough gun laws in Massachusetts; I support them. I won't chip away at them; I believe they protect us and provide for our safety." 

As governor, Romney signed a 2004 measure instituting a permanent Massachusetts ban on military style assault weapons, to take the place of a Federal ban, which was then about to expire. The bill made Massachusetts the first state to enact its own such ban on specific semi-automatic weapons and some shotguns with specific accessories, and Romney supported the law with the comment: "These guns are not made for recreation or self-defense. They are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people." As Governor, Romney extended the term of firearm licenses from four to six years, reinstated a 90-day grace period for citizens renewing their gun licenses, and signed a law providing free replacement licenses.

Romney is such an idiot. A semi automatic simply means that if you pull the trigger the gun will fire and reload the next round. In other word you don't have to cock the gun.
This is the AK 47 semi automatic version.
This is a semi automatic hunting rifle chambered in 308 caliber

The AK-47 round and the .308 round are almost identical. The AK-47 may look scary but the semiautomatic hunting rile equipped with a scope is more is even more deadly

When he supported the Brady Bill in 1994, Romney said, "That's not going to make me the hero of the NRA. I don't line up with the NRA." 

Just before declaring his candidacy for the 2008 Republican nomination for president, Romney sucked dick and joined the National Rifle Association (NRA).[ In 2005, Romney declared the 31st anniversary of the Gun Owners' Action League "Right to Bear Arms Day".

Romney made several statements in his 2008 campaign regarding his proficiency with and support for firearms:
"I've hunted a number of times, of various types of small rodents."

"Shooting rabbits single shot 22 is pretty hard."

Romney is full of crap. When you fire at a rabbit they run if you miss. Squirrels are another story. Romney is lying. He never hunted. A single shot .22 is perfectly suitable for rabbit hunting!
"I have a gun of my own. I go hunting myself. I'm a member of the NRA and believe firmly in the right to bear arms. In our state . . . there are a series of laws restricting gun ownership in various ways. Over the past four years, I've worked very closely with the Gun Owners' Action League here, which is an affiliate of the NRA, and we've made some changes which I think they feel have been positive steps. And so you are going to see that, I think, hopefully, in other states as well, as they make progress, perhaps further than Massachusetts has."

"So I'm a hunter and believe in Second Amendment rights, but I also believe that assault weapons are not needed in the public population."

Romney later said that he did not 'own' a gun and said that one of his sons keeps two guns at the family vacation home in Utah.

The Associated Press reported in April 2007 that Romney never sought a hunting license in any of the four states where he has resided. Romney replied by saying that he mainly hunts small game in Utah, which he said does not require a license. He lied about that too. Small Game License For Utah  It looks like Romney broke the law again or lied or both.



  1. Does this prick ever not lie?

  2. This is the best Gun for hunting.

    1. Romney would not know which end for the gun the bullet comes out of. Had he now been a draft dodger he's have gotten some gun training. The fact is, Mitt Romney is a cowardly chicken hawk who lies about everything. He never hunted at least not legally and he never in his life took a hunter's safety course or bought a hunting license.

      The only gun Romney has ever fired is the one he shoots shit with.


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