Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Fat Tax Debate: Point Counter Point with CG Brady and Fat Bastard


Many people are advocating a fat tax or a junk food tax. The following is a debate between leader of the New Fat Acceptance Movement Fat Bastard and world reknowned weight loss guru CG Brady.

Is a fat tax a good idea?

CG Brady: I would support a fat tax and possibly a junk food tax. With deaths from obesity reaching nearly 500,000 per year and climbing combined with the staggering costs of obesity something clearly needs to happen.

Fat Bastard: I oppose a fat and junk food tax. Fatlings love junk food and there is no reason to tax people based on their body weight. If fact fat people are an economic stimulus and good for the economy. We consume more food, gas and medical treatment and that is good for the economy. Gluttony is good.

CG Brady: Unfortunately most of the massive consumerism does little to stimulate small businesses which are the backbone of a strong economy. The restaurants frequented by fat people for example are owned by huge corporations and they pay their employees low wages. The oil companies who benefit from the gas guzzlers that fat people drive are not good corporate citizens and seek to squash small enterprenurial energy firms. The medical industry is a mostly owned by big corporations whose way of paying taxes is to simply pass it on to the consumer. Hospital workers are poorly paid which in part accounts for the poor medical care in the US that ends up costing the consumer nearly 3 times what medical consumers pay in Europe.

Fat Bastard: This is about more than economics. Food is what America is all about. It is part of our culture. I am proud that the USA is the fattest nation on earth. A tax on what you call junk food and what I call comfort food could devistate the fragile psyches of the great American glutton. When asked about a fast food tax look what happened to this SSBBW.

The very thought of eating salads turned this SSBBW's stomach!

Gluttony is a choice and taxing comfort food or body weight limits choice and it is clearly unconstitutional.

CG Brady: Are you serious Fat Bastard about a fat tax being unconstitutional?

Fat Bastard: Gluttony is like a religion and being fat and malodorous is a form of expression. The musk of fat people says, "I fat and fuck you" Also we gluttons have certain dietary customs and taxing the food we customarily eat is a clear infringement on fat rights, the promotion and normalization of gluttony and obesity. A fat tax is un-American.

Fat Bastard went on to quote the following article from Slate Magazine to illustrate the economic benefits of hyper gluttony. http://www.slate.com/id/2123213/


The United States clearly has a head start in fatonomics. Obesity is a byproduct of many complex factors, ranging from genetics to psychology. But fast-food restaurants, sugar-laden drinks, and the availability of massive quantities of cheap food have all played important roles in making Americans heavier. So with any luck, the rest of the world will be porking up soon. After all, which American companies have been forging ahead aggressively in foreign markets? McDonald's, Coca-Cola, and Wal-Mart. Their expansion should not only fatten the pockets of U.S. investors, they should also help fatten the local populations. It's only a matter of decades before China and India start to lose their battles with the bulge. And where will they look for quack potions and expensive surgeries?

CG Brady: Come now Fat Bastard. You wrote an article on Bigger Fatter Blog called Save the Thinlings. In that article you explained how and why by 2020 the US will be too fat bound to function. You pointed out how out military and public safety is compromised. You are worried about who's going to service all the fatlings. Your fantasy girlfriend MeMe Roth rightly pointed out that by 2020 the US will be so fat bound that we will be too fat to function. Former US Surgeon General Dr Richard Carmona sees obesity as a greater threat to the national security of the US than Islamic terrorism.
Would you want some fat cop like this guy protecting you?

Fat Bastard: Fatlings make great cops. So what they can't run? That's why they have police dogs. More importantly fat cops are more intimidating.

Who would strike more fear in the mind of a criminal? The cop on the left or the one on the right?

Moderator: If they do pass a fat tax of weight how do you think it will work?

CG Brady: I suppose it will be based on BMI and start at a 25 BMI or higher. I don't think that would go far enough because millions fat people are disabled due to their weight so I think a junk food tax would create revenue and maybe keep the morbidly obese a bit healthier. I think a dollar per pound on the federal tax would generate revenue and I think that it should extend to the children of fatlings. Let's say we have a family whose combined weight is 300 pounds over the limit then their tax bill should be three hundred dollars but perhaps a better way would be to provide a tax cut to thinlings who keep their BMI under 25.

Fat Bastard: If Dr Brady's proposals were ever instituted there would be riots in cyberspace. The fatosphere would be ablaze with outrage.

Moderator: Would a junk food tax promote healthy eating?

CG Brady: It might but I suspect in the long run fatlings would breakdown and pay a little extra for their kibble. A better solution would be to restrict that foods can be purchased with food stamps to non junk food foods.



Gratuitous images of SSBBWs  for Proud FA.

Fat Bastard: Leave it to a socialist like CG Brady to allow the government to dictate what people can or cannot eat. Eliminating comfort food purchases with food stamps is another step towards socialism. It could tear at the very fabric of our society. Keep government's hands off my social security disability and my food stamps.

Fat people soon with be joining the tea party movement.

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Fat Bastard and Proud FA debate who's better in bed, fat girls or skinny bitches.
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Fat Olympics List Of Events

Welcome To The Fat Olympics

Fat Bastard

 While I, Fat Bastard was watching the Olympic games I noticed that there were very few fat athletes. We may see some fat sumo wrestlers, a weight lifter or a shot putter or two but 99% of the athletes are thinlings not fatlings. As the defacto leader of the Fat Acceptance Movement and President of NAAFA I, Fat Bastard will be hiring Mitt Romney to organize the the first Fatty Olympics after he loses to Obama.

Pie eating

There will be two events here. The volume event is where athletes eat as many pies as they can in an hour. This will be called the Pie A Thon.

The speed event gives the athletes 10 minutes to eat as many pies as possible.

The Buffet Event


This event requires more than eating. Athletes will be given 4 plates they will load those plates from a buffet and the contents well be measured for calorie content.

Heart rate


The athletes using drugs or exertion will crank up their rate. The one who have the highest heart rate without dying wins.

Blood Pressure


The highest BP wins!

The Diabetic Amputation  Races

Leg amputees will ambulate with and without the use of a cane or walker will move 40 feet in the sprint and 40 yards in the marathon.

Power Chair Demolition Derby


This event will pit all power chairs from the nimble Travel Scoot to the mammoth Bariatric Bounder.

Drop a Deuce  


By weight athletes will be judged on who can take the biggest dump.

Perfect Pear Perfect Apple

Judges will decide who has the best Apple and best Pear shape

Meat Skirt


Judges will pick the best panniculus.

Cannon Ball and Belly Whopper


This one is simple. Who displaces the most water wins!

Most Meds


The one on the most meds wins.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Boycott Chick fil A

Fellow fatlings I know how much you all like fast food but as fatlings you know all about discrimination and fat phobia. We have all felt its sting. Gays, Jews and Blacks get far more shit than we do so as fatlings we need to show solidarity and Boycott Chick fil A. 

There is another reason to boycott Chick fil A. The place is unsanitary, the portions are skimpy and the food sucks. Chick fil A sucks!



Not only is Chick fil A a Christian Fascist Gay Hating Corporation, Their Restaurants are Filthy Dirty!

Here is a health inspection of a typical Chick fil A.


Employee rinsing scoop & returning to drawer. Clean utensils in order of wash, rinse & sanitize. Food residue on tomato slicer. COS - Manager retrained employee & utensils rewashed.

Debris in interior of ice machine. COS-cleaned by employee. Utensil not cleaned in order of wash, rinse, sanitize at 3 compartment sink. COS - Manager re-trained employee & sinks properly set up. Lettuce washed & prepped in 3 compartment sink. COS - Manager re-trained employee to use sink dedicated to washing fruits & vegetables.

Food debris on chicken chopper, lemon wedges, slicer blade & pans. Check utensils for cleanliness to sight & touch before storage. Dumpster needs drain plug. Clean spilled grease on grease container & behind in drain curb.

Slime mold in interior of ice machine. Food debris on tomato slicer, lemon juicer, chicken chopper, carrot shredder, sugar scoop & label. Clean under ice machine & beverage station at drive thru. Keep areas free of accumulated debris.

Mixer frame dirty. Mildew in ice machine. Fly strips over prepared food. Fly fan turned off.

Chick-Fil-A #873

Failed inspection: March 23, 2011 Score: 63, Grade: U (Full report and violations)

Posted Image

Full Report on how filthy Chik Fil A is. http://ga.state.gego...D=87&rtype=food

Chick-fil-A, 1560 W. Boynton Beach Blvd., Boynton Beach was cited Dec. 5 for 12 critical violations. According to state documents, infractions included: 44 live roaches and 20 dead roaches observed, a cooler interior was soiled with food residue; a bag of carrots was on the floor of a cooler; an employee was observed engaging in food preparation, handling clean equipment or utensils or touching unwrapped items without washing hands; garbage was on the ground and/or the pad around the dumpster; an employee was cutting cabbage with bare hands and the establishment had no approved alternative operating procedure in effect; there was soil buildup inside an ice bin and a lettuce cutter was on the floor.


Tragedy Shakes The Fatosphere: Hubigs Pie Factory Leveled In Five Alarm Fire

Not since Hurricane Katrina has New Orleans faces such devastation. The iconic Hubig's Pie Factory has burned to the ground. Our own cyber reporter Belly Boy first broke the devastating news right here on on Bigger Fatter Politics.

Fatlings all over the US are sick about this and in a show of support for the management and workers at Hubig gave up eating pie for over an hour. Local and state police remain on high alert in case pie riots break out. Price gouging has been reported of the remaining pies sold in supermarkets and other stores and near riots have occurred and some unruly fatlings clamor for more pie.

Was This a Case of Arson?

New Orleans authorities remain tight lipped about the cause of this fire only to say that they suspect it may have started in a fryer. While other unnamed and named sources suspect foul play our own internet reporter Belly Boy will be traveling to the Big Easy to investigate and eat.


Long time Louisianian Coach Gaines, when asked about the cause of the fire said, "First they took our Twinkies, then our super sized sodas and now they are coming after our pies."

An anonymous source suspects MeMe Roth, "This has MeMe Roth's fat hating hands all over it. I bet she was their with gasoline and a flame thrower"  MeMe Roth is a controversial anti obesity crusader but police sources say that she is not a person of interest in their investigation. 


When reached for comment the Chef said, "As a man of color and as a man with a big appetite who ain't makin not apologies for it, the Chef's heart goes out to all the pie lovers of the greater New Orleans pie eating area." 



Pie Lover Dwayne The Rock Johnson released this statment, "The Rock and his millions and MILLIONS of fan and fellow pie eaters are deeply saddened by the loss of  Hubig's Pie Shop. If the the Rock catches the jabronnie who caused this fire the Rock will lay the smackdown on his candy ass. The Rock loves pie."



Bigger Fatter Politics asks its readers to go online and order up some Hubig's pies as soon and they are back up and running.

Exhausted fire fighters extinguish the smoldering remains the iconic pie factory.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Study Says Chocolate a CURE for Depression and Bulimia


Study Says Chocolate a CURE for Depression! LINK
Proud FA can tell you that BBWs respond favorably to chocolate. It makes them happy and horny. Before Proud lays the dick to one he feeds them plenty of chocolate. He claims that chocolate is a powerful aphrodisiac and numerous studies back his assertion. Carrot cake, spice cake or angel food cake simply won't do. It has to be chocolate cake. Again, chocolate has been shown conclusively to cure depression.

Your teeth will wear out before you can get fat on these "foods." This is the kind of "food" that FOOD eats
BULLimics are merely fat girls that are good at barfing. They all think they are as special as the royal family be the BULLimic/Mia the Princess of Puke or the Duchess of York. Like the average run of the mill fat girl BULLimics don't want to give up their perpetual parade yummy treats. They simply will not eat thinling foods.
Duchess of York

Bulimics are merely fat girls in waiting. They puke so they can eat again and cut because they are psycho. The only time I want to puke is when I see Kate Harding's dog face and the only thing worth cutting is a slice of Boston Cream pie or a healthy fart.

That's right all you BULLimics. Eat and fart like the proud fatlings in this video.


Real womyn have curves and weigh 200+ lbs  They need real food!

Thinlings have their boring food pyramid and the rest of us who are fatlings have an exciting food pyramid.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another Reason Why Fat Girls Make Horrible Mothers

In these videos all the nannies are fat. On our other site I posted data regarding the high rates of C-sections and birth defects and autism caused by fat girls' fat but that's good for the economy but these fat girls are child abusers.

In most cases the nanny abusers are fat and the moms are skinny. We know how jealous fat girls can be. We know how lazy fat girl moms are.

In defense of these fat nannies; Child care is not easy. It requires a lot of moving and it cuts into their television and eating time.

Here another hungry, fat and angry sow beats the crap out of a baby!

I, Fat Bastard, have taken a lot of flak from the angry man hating fat girls in the NAAFA style fat acceptance movement. Fat men don't abuse children and skinny women with the rare exception of Casey Anthony rarely abuse children but child abuse among fat girls is epidemic.

For the fat admirers reading this I would tell them to continue to pork these sluts but when in doubt... PULL OUT or put a helmet on that soldier. You don't want to get an angry sow knocked up.



Why I Stopped Being A Republican


One would think that a fat guy like me would be a Republican and for many years I was. As a fat man I like greedy gluttony and I liked Reagan but while the country's political spectrum has changed mine hasn't. Today we have a president who is indeed as Conservative and Ronald Reagan.

I Fat Bastard would have considered voting for Ron Paul and I would have been undecided had Ron Paul not been screwed in the Republican primaries.


Based on facts Romney is more liberal than Obama. He may talk like a Conservative but Romney is no Conservative. Who really knows what he is other than a whore?


Santorum: Romney "doesn't have a core"

No real Conservative can vote for Romney. Only a whore with no core would vote for a whore with no core.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Spam...The Kind You Can't Eat

Warning parody ahead.

Everybody likes a pound or two of fried spam and a dozen eggs along with some Texas toast and jelly, a big stack of flap jacks and a big glass of OJ. Everybody hates the kind of spam that shows up on blogs or in our emails.

Bill Gates on spam...

"But spam is worse than irritating. It is a drain on business productivity, an increasingly costly waste of time and resources that clogs corporate networks and distracts workers. Among consumers, it spreads scams, pornography and even computer viruses. Worse, spammers prey on less sophisticated e-mail users, including children, threatening their safety and privacy."
-Bill Gates (Jun 03)

Less than .1% of people click on spam but that is enough to keep spammers in business.  Do your best to educate new computer users not to click on spam links. 

I would encourage all the gun nuts to hunt down spammers and shoot them in the balls.

This sexy BBW can probably cook up a a nice spam breakfast in her kitchen.

I, Fat Bastard, could enable a spam bot here on Bigger Fatter Politics but that would require captcha and captcha is a pain in the ass for commentators so I will continue to remove spam manually.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Colorado Theater Shooting


Why is it that these crazy fuckers always end up killing innocent people? I get it you crazy fucks, there is a lot to be pissed off about and there are a lot of evil people that need a bullet in the head so why don't you think it out?  This douche bag that killed totally strangers was smart enough to know that none of the people who he shot were not his enemies.

James Holmes is/was a total fucking asshole as was McVeigh. At least with the school shooting like Columbine the shooters took out some scumbag bullies but Holmes and McVeigh didn't kill any scumbags.

I really doubt if there was anyone in that Colorado theater who deserved to die or needed to be killed. Why did this turd go on a shooting spree? Did he really have a break with reality? I think not. Reports are emerging that he may have had an accomplice. A wittiness reports that a person in the front row took a cell phone call and then exited a door and came back in dressed in body armor and a gas mask. He tossed out a tear gas grenade and then began firing his AR-15 riffle.

AR-15 Assault Rifle

Colorado theater shooter James Holmes

This asshole was pissed about something so why couldn't he direct that anger at people who really are evil? Why is it that crazy people always end up killing mostly innocent people? Maybe some greedy Romney types got killed at the WTC attacks but most of the people who were killed were innocent.

It goes without saying that the shooting, wounding and killing of the 72 victims in that Colorado movie theater is a tragedy but here's another tragedy. There are people who are not innocent and do deserve a round from an AR-15 in their black hearts. Osama bin Laden was one of them. There are other people more evil than bin Laden and they are right here in the US.

My advice to people like James Holmes and Tim McVeigh, stop killing innocent people when there are so many truly evil people out there. If James Holmes has gone to the boardroom of a large bankster run bank or a pharmaceutical company and unleashed his fury on a bunch of billionaire scum he's be a hero to many people here and abroad. 

Next time one of you gun toting psychos want to go on a killing spree, leave the innocent people alone and kill some people who need killing.


James Eagan Holmes has been described as a shy and well-mannered young man by a neighbor, who claims the Colorado shooting suspect was heavily involved in his local Presbyterian church.

Read more at http://global.christianpost.com/news/james-holmes-colorado-shooter-described-as-normal-christian-boy-amid-mental-health-investigation-photo-78623/#BAoJk3LSsLM0CAph.99

Related: The Role Prescription Psych Meds Play In Murders and Suicides Click Here

In the cases of these random shootings there is a common thread and that is the use of prescription psychiatric medications. In the 70's and 80s we had much higher murder rates and millions more gun owners but we did not have the wide spread drugging of our young men and boys. These types of shootings began with the use of drugs like Paxil, Seraquel, Prozac, Lyrica and the psycho stimulants. While correlation may not be causation in this case it is well known that these drugs make people violent and suicidal.

James Holmes is a Christian