Friday, July 20, 2012

Colorado Theater Shooting

Why is it that these crazy fuckers always end up killing innocent people? I get it you crazy fucks, there is a lot to be pissed off about and there are a lot of evil people that need a bullet in the head so why don't you think it out?  This douche bag that killed totally strangers was smart enough to know that none of the people who he shot were not his enemies.

James Holmes is/was a total fucking asshole as was McVeigh. At least with the school shooting like Columbine the shooters took out some scumbag bullies but Holmes and McVeigh didn't kill any scumbags.

I really doubt if there was anyone in that Colorado theater who deserved to die or needed to be killed. Why did this turd go on a shooting spree? Did he really have a break with reality? I think not. Reports are emerging that he may have had an accomplice. A wittiness reports that a person in the front row took a cell phone call and then exited a door and came back in dressed in body armor and a gas mask. He tossed out a tear gas grenade and then began firing his AR-15 riffle.
AR-15 Assault Rifle
Colorado theater shooter James Holmes

This asshole was pissed about something so why couldn't he direct that anger at people who really are evil? Why is it that crazy people always end up killing mostly innocent people? Maybe some greedy Romney types got killed at the WTC attacks but most of the people who were killed were innocent.

It goes without saying that the shooting, wounding and killing of the 72 victims in that Colorado movie theater is a tragedy but here's another tragedy. There are people who are not innocent and do deserve a round from an AR-15 in their black hearts. Osama bin Laden was one of them. There are other people more evil than bin Laden and they are right here in the US.

My advice to people like James Holmes and Tim McVeigh, stop killing innocent people when there are so many truly evil people out there. If James Holmes has gone to the boardroom of a large bankster run bank or a pharmaceutical company and unleashed his fury on a bunch of billionaire scum he's be a hero to many people here and abroad. 

Next time one of you gun toting psychos want to go on a killing spree, leave the innocent people alone and kill some people who need killing.


James Eagan Holmes has been described as a shy and well-mannered young man by a neighbor, who claims the Colorado shooting suspect was heavily involved in his local Presbyterian church.


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In the cases of these random shootings there is a common thread and that is the use of prescription psychiatric medications. In the 70's and 80s we had much higher murder rates and millions more gun owners but we did not have the wide spread drugging of our young men and boys. These types of shootings began with the use of drugs like Paxil, Seraquel, Prozac, Lyrica and the psycho stimulants. While correlation may not be causation in this case it is well known that these drugs make people violent and suicidal.

James Holmes is a Christian



    What do you bet they blame the pot, not the Vicodin?

    1. The media is saying he took 100mg of Vicodin before the shooting. That's impossible. If he had taken that much his liver would have shutdown and he would have died.

      I don't think he used pot. I hope they took a blood sample to find out what he was on.


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