Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Romney's Bus Vandalized? Alternator Belt Cut?

It's a lie and here is why. I, Fat Bastard, know a couple of diesel mechanics. They work on Peter Builts, K-Whoppers, Cummins, Mercedes and other truck and bus diesel engines. The drive belts on these engines are extremely robust and nearly impossible to cut even if they are off the motor.

I know that alternator and power steering driving belts on most cars are reinforced by steel aramid or kevlar cables inside the rubber. Even a large nick in the ribbing would be of little importance as far as belt integrity and reliability are concerned.

Many bus and coach engines are like this Detroit Diesel

It would take a magician to reach inside the locked engine compartment and cut the drive belt. The fan would need to be removed before you could get a cutting tool on the belt and even then cutting the belt would be next to impossible. In the above picture the fan blocks access to the belt but when the engine is installed in an engine compartment there is also a radiator that would further block access to the belt.

Radiator and fan need to be removed to reach the alternator belt on this Cummins diesel.

Loosening the fuel or oil filter would have been easier than cutting an impossible to cut drive belt. Cutting a radiator hose would be easy.

Alternators for bus engines are very powerful and robust. They require a very robust drive belt.  

There are sketchy reports on propaganda sites claiming that a Romney some Democrats cut the alternator drive belt on Romney's tour bus. This claim is bogus in many accounts. Even if it were possible to cut the belt let alone if it were on the engine there is no proof that an Democrat did it. There are a hell of a lot of Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich and Santorum supporters who would like to cut Romney's lying throat let alone an alternator belt. If someone wanted to vandalize his bus it would have been much simpler just puncturing the tires or pouring water in the fuel tank or clipping some wires.

If there was a problem with the belt it probably just broke due to a problem with the pulley system.

The liars at the Romney campaign are lying.

Here are the lies.... http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2012/07/09/alternator-belt-cut-on-romney-bus/#comment-368677

The Romney team today confirmed grass-roots reports that a campaign bus was sabotaged by an unknown vandal over the weekend.

The bus, which was being used for campaign events but not transporting Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, was parked in Richmond, Va., when the vehicle was tampered with late Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

A Romney campaign official told PJM that the alternator belt was cut. Repairs were under way Monday to get the bus back on the road for a voter registration event in Springfield, Va., from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Springfield Metro Commuter Lot.

A “Moms for Mitt” mobile phone bank that had been scheduled for 11:30 a.m. this morning in Leesburg, Va., had to be canceled because of the disabled bus.

The official said other reports that the bus’ tires had been slashed were incorrect.

No police report was filed on the incident and there were no suspects.


  1. Good Morning Fat Bastard!

    Here is a copy of a comment I posted at:


    under my YouTube user name, Big Fat Heretic!

    Actually, BigFatHeretic on YouTube.

    Anyway . . . . .

    Here is is!


    OK everybody!

    What I’m about to say here is a bit off topic.

    I’m 60 years old, and I have been a registered Democrat since I was old enough to vote.

    Now, I’ll be the first to admit that my Democratic party is not perfect, and President Obama is not perfect. But then, nobody is!

    But, Obama supports science education in our public schools, and would like to see more young people getting into college, and that’s good enough for me!

    On the other hand, Rick Santorum (no longer a candidate) made the comment that a college education is indoctrination!

    What? You mean, as opposed to religious indoctrination???

    Here in Texas where I live (I’m ashamed to admit) our Republicans have come out against Higher Order Thinking Skills, what they refer to as HOTS. They are against teaching critical thinking.

    But critical thinking is what one must be able to do, if one is pursuing a degree in science.

    I have had three years of college, taking courses in Astronomy, Physics, and Chemistry and a lot of math courses. Unfortunately, I was unable to complete my degree due to my financial situation.

    Apparently, the Republicans have taken an anti-science stance, and many of them wish to have Creationism inserted into science textbooks.

    We’re having a really big problem with this in Texas, in our State Board of Education, which has become more like the Board of Indoctrination.

    I have often heard it said “If you’re so smart, then, why aren’t you rich?” Well, an Astronomy or Physics professor gets about $80,000 to $120,000 dollars per year, while some drooling, pre-frontally lobotomized moron gets paid millions of dollars every year just for chasing a football.

    Also, I don’t watch FOX NEWS, because the more you watch it, the dumber you’ll get. But I have seen some video clippings on YouTube. During a discussion on science vs religion, Bill O’Riely said “The tide goes in and the tide goes out, and you can’t explain it!” YEAH RIGHT! Isaac Newton explained it back in the 1700s!

    Science has always been my favorite topic, and I was able to read at high school and adult level when I was only in the 3rd grade. That’s because my mother taught me how to read and write before I even started school. We were a poor family, but I thought we were rich because I lived in a treasure house full of books.

    Bill O’Riely makes about $8 million dollars a year, just slobbering and drooling onto his microphone in the FOX NEWS studio, and he knows nothing about science, and I knew more about science than he dose, when I was only in the 3rd grade, and I knew what causes the tides. And yet, I’m living in poverty while some idiot on FOX NEWS who knows nothing is making millions!!!

    So, that answers the question as to why most smart people aren’t rich. That’s because our society values stupidity more than intelligence!

    Yeah! The quality of education here in the USA has been steadily swirling down the crapper, and we all wonder why America has become the laughing stalk of the world!

    Also, as I have said earlier, Republican Christian Funny-mentalists would like to see Creationism inserted into high school science textbooks.

    So, the good ol’ USA has been providing a little entertainment and a big whoop-de-doo for the rest of the world! Yeah! We have become the clowns of Planet Earth, which the Republicans believe is only 6000 years old!

    And to think, that these drooling, slack-jawed, knuckle-dragging, bed-wetting ignoramuses want to run this country!!! There’s not a dry pair of pants among them!

    So, talk about vandalism?

    The Republicans are like retarded little kindergarteners running amok and vandalizing public education.

    1. Well said! As bad as creeps like Santorum and Romney are the biggest slime are the slime who voted for them.

      It is possible to be a conservative and not be a total lying fucking asshole. Ron Paul proved that but they screwed Ron Paul with the voter fraud.

      Rethuglicans are a menace. They have their nutty beliefs and that is fine but they are such bald faced shameless liars. Gingrich used to be the biggest liar of the bunch but Romney make Newt look like honest Abe.

      Reagan must be turning over in his grave. The truth is, Obama is more Conservative than Reagan. These CONservatives today would have hated Ronald Reagan as much as they hate art, science, education and culture.

      Palin believes that humans walked the earth with the dinosaurs. She probably believes that Fred Flintstone was real.

  2. Good afternoon Fat Bastard!

    Well, I got a response to my previous forum post over at:


    And then I posted another response.

    Here it is.


    myth buster

    Isaac Newton believed in God! And you’ll find that Newton explained mathematically the evidence that Thomas Aquinas had asserted was true 300 years earlier as proof of the existence of God.


    Big Fat Heretic

    Yes, Copernicus, Galileo, Johannes Kepler, and Isaac Newtons were Christians.

    In fact, some geologists back in the 1700s who had reason to suspect that the earth was many millions of years old, much older than the 6000 years as claimed by most Bible believers, these geologists were also Christians. It’s just that they didn’t believe that everything in the Bible had to be taken literally. So, it was Christian geologists back in the 1700s who had suspected that the earth was much older than 6000 years.

    If Copernicus, Galileo, Johannes Kepler and Isaac Newton were living today, they would support Darwin’s Evolution, and accept the age of the earth being 4.5 billion years and the universe as being about 14 billions years old.

    Galileo once said, the Bible teaches how to go to heaven, not how the heavens go.

    Also, the first to classify humans as primates was Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1798) before Darwin came along, and Linnaeus was a Christian.

    Also, back in the late 1880′s while most Christians did not accept Darwin’s Evolution, they still had no problems accepting that the earth could be many millions of years old.

    These are what we would call, Old Earth Creationists.

    But now, today, we have in our Republican party, Christian Fundamentalists who not only reject Evolution, but also insist that the earth is only 6000 years old, the Young Earth Creations, YEC’s, who are actually more radical and closed minded than the Old Earth Creationist over a century ago.

    The actor who played William Jennings Brian, as depicted in the movie about the Scopes Trial “Reap The Whirlwind” in the movie, Bryan was wrongly depicted as a Young Earth Creationist, when in fact, he was an Old Earth Creationist.

    Also, I’m aware that there are many Christians who have no problem accepting Darwin’s Evolution or the 14 billion year age of the universe, so there are a lot of more moderate Christians than the more narrow minded radical Christians we presently have in our Republican party, who have taken an anti-science stance.

    Again, talk about vandalism???

    These Funny-mentalist Christards are the vandals who want to ran-sack public education. They remind me of retarded little Nursery School kids pulling the crap out of their diapers and smearing it on the walls!

    NO! I don’t want to see America become a Theocracy.

    We’ve been through Theocracies before in our history.

    Yeah! Like, sorry! We’ve already, like . . . been there, done that!

    No thank you!

    Yeah! Uh huh! Right now, we got us a real whack-pack of crazies in the Republican party.

    And, it kind of scares the ever-living bee-jeebers outta me!


    In the meantime . . .

    I'm going to keep going back to check for more responses.

    Yeah! I had to hold my nose, PEEEEEUUUUUUU, and subscribe to a right-wing forum in order to post my responses and get updates to see if anyone has responded to my forum posts.


    Now, I have an upset stomach.

    I may have a big stomach, but not a strong stomach!

    Good thing I have a box of Alka Seltzer tablets in my bathroom medicine cabinet.

    Plop! Plop! Fizz! Fizz!
    Oh! What a relief it is!

    Ah! That's much better now!

    Teddy Bear

    1. Fact and logic are the enemy of the Christard. Nice job shutting those idiots down. Your pristine logic and factual presentation was stellar.


  3. Good morning Fat Bastard!

    Well, I got another response over at:

    This time from someone named Bill Thompson.

    I'm not going to quote his entire post, but only a few highlights.

    Here was my response to Bill Thomson.


    Big Fat Heretic

    In response to Bill Thompson:

    “Wow…that’s a big ol’ rant. Not much to do with cut alternator belts, but whatevs.”

    Well, this topic is about vandalism. Is it not?

    But, I don’t give a tinker’s damn about vandalized alternator belts!

    The morons in the Republican party are the biggest vandals in the USA!

    ” . . . if you want a government that gives you the freedom to pursue knowledge and truth unhindered, or a government that dictates what you learn and how. Republicans will give you the freedom of education you need.”

    HUH??? Oh! Really???

    If you had read one of my earlier posts more thoroughly, I said . . .

    “On the other hand, Rick Santorum (no longer a candidate) made the comment that a college education is indoctrination!

    What? You mean, as opposed to religious indoctrination???

    Here in Texas where I live (I’m ashamed to admit) our Republicans have come out against Higher Order Thinking Skills, what they refer to as HOTS. They are against teaching critical thinking.

    But critical thinking is what one must be able to do, if one is pursuing a degree in science.”

    And I also said . . .

    “Apparently, the Republicans have taken an anti-science stance, and many of them wish to have Creationism inserted into science textbooks.

    We’re having a really big problem with this in Texas, in our State Board of Education, which has become more like the Board of Indoctrination.”

    I suggest you go back to my first forum post, and read it more thoroughly.

    Most Republicans would like to see their favorite Creationist fairy tales inserted into science textbooks.

    You know! The one about a man made from a lump of dirt, a woman made from one of his ribs, and how dirt-man and rib-lady were placed in a magical garden with a magical tree bearing magical fruit that they weren’t suppose to eat, and how they were tempted into doing so by a talking snake with legs.

    Yeah! Uh huh! It all makes perfect sense! Doesn’t it?

    Hey! I didn’t believe that crap when I was a kid going to Sunday school!

    Also, most Republicans today believe that the earth is only 6000 years old, and that Noah and his three sons went all over the world, bringing back polar bears from the north pole, penguins from the south pole, and kangaroos back from Australia, and they put saddles on dinosaurs and rode them back to the ark! Oh WOW!

    Sorry Republicans! But the Flintstones is NOT a documentary! OK?

    You all cry boo hoo because a fan belt on Mitt Romney’s short bus was vandalized!

    But, the Republicans are trying to vandalize our public schools and our science textbooks!

    An alternator belt?


    Who gives a flying f–k!!!


    So far, there has been no more responses, but, I shall keep checking. I'll just have to hold my nose when I enter their forums.


    Teddy Bear

    1. Once again Teddy you steamrollered those thugs.

  4. Good morning Fat Bastard!

    Well, I just posted another comment over at:

    Here is a copy of said comment.


    Big Fat Heretic

    OK, I’m sick and tired of all you Republican Kindergartners crying boo hoo over a cut alternator belt!!!

    If that was the worst thing that ever happened to either a Republican or a Democrat campaign vehicle, then this would not be such a bad world. OK?

    But you Republican cry-babies are screaming, and jumping up and down, and crapping your diapers! And for WHAT??? A cut alternator belt on Romney’s short bus!

    A couple of months ago, Republicans were having a discussion on women’s health care, and guess what!!!

    Women were not allowed on the floor, it was for man only.

    I would think that women should be present when there is to be a discussion on women’s health issues. Right?

    Sandra Fluke Wanted to make a statement concerning contraceptives, and that Contraceptives are not just used for birth control, but are also used to prevent ovarian cysts and to treat cervical cancer.

    And no, it’s not just sexually active women who are at risk of either ovarian cysts or cervical cancer. Young ladies who have not had sex yet, can still get ovarian cysts or cervical cancer.

    True, the more sexually active a woman is, the greater the risk, but it can also happen to those who haven’t had sex yet.

    Anyway . . . . . radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, another right-wing Republican retard, while commenting on his program, he referred to Sandra Fluke as a slut!

    This goes way beyond common decency!

    OK, believe it or not! A couple of months ago, I actually came to the defense of a Conservative Republican woman, even though I strongly disagree with her politics.

    Back in May 25,2012 I had received an E-mail from one of my favorite LIBERAL web sites to sign an on line petition.

    Republican conservative politician, S.E. Cupp, came under attack from Hustler Magazine. They did a photo-shop job on her picture depicting a male sexual appendage (don’t know if the P word is allowed in these forums) in her mouth!!!

    So, I signed the petition against Hustler Magazine.

    Even though, she’s a conservative Republican, and even though I strongly disagree with her political views, still, I felt that the photo-shop job went way way way beyond common decency!

    To be continued below . . . . .

  5. . . . continued from above . . .

    Yeah! OK! I like to make fun out of Republicans and conservatives, calling them retards and bed-wetting ignoramuses, and what not.

    But, I have my limits on how far I would go.

    There are just some things that just go way beyond common decency!

    Also, Mitt Romney sure set a fine example when police stopped him on the highway because he had his dog strapped to the top of his vehicle.

    Not only is Mitt Romney cruel to animals, but when he was in high school, he was a typical bully. He and some of his buddies jumped on another student whom they suspected was gay.

    Yeah! Uh huh! I’m sure Mitt Romney would make a fine president!


    The Republicans are trying to sabotage this country. They are against science education in our public schools, and would like to flush education down the crapper!

    David Barton, a right-wing historical revisionist, is another lying sack of s**t, who says that the founding fathers of America were ALL Christians. That’s a big lie! Yes, some were Christians, but many were either Deists or agnostic.

    Mike Huckabee, another right-wing TV and radio talk show host, once made a comment that young people should all listen to David Barton, even at gun point!!!

    Yeah! Uh huh! If some of these right-wing f**k-tards had their way, students will be forced to listen to Creationist fairy tales at gun point!!!

    They’re ALL trying to sabotage the USA and would like to use The Constitution as toilet paper!

    Well . . . actually . . . no danger of that, since they all wear diapers anyway!!!

    But now, do you get the picture?

    They want to sabotage America!

    And you all cry boo hoo over a sabotaged alternator belt???


    Yeah! An alternator belt!

    Well, pardon me! But I do believe that you all must have me confused with someone who gives a flying f**k!!!

    An alternator belt?

    GET REAL!!!


    Yeah! I don't know if words like PENIS or FUCK is allowed in their forums.

    I'm glad we can say those words here.

    I haven't been getting anymore responses over there.

    It looks like I've been getting in the last word.

    Probably because they can't dispute anything I say.

    It would be like trying to convince me that the earth is flat!

    So, I guess I've got the last word.

    Teddy Bear

    1. Even if they don't respond people are reading the lambasting you are giving those CONtards.

      My point is that the alternator belt on Romney's bus probably was not cut as it was too hard to reach. It probably just broke. It was probably a cheap made in China belt from one of Romney's outsourced slave labor companies.

      Keep fighting the good fight and don't let those bastards breath.

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