Sunday, July 22, 2012

Spam...The Kind You Can't Eat

Warning parody ahead.

Everybody likes a pound or two of fried spam and a dozen eggs along with some Texas toast and jelly, a big stack of flap jacks and a big glass of OJ. Everybody hates the kind of spam that shows up on blogs or in our emails.

Bill Gates on spam...

"But spam is worse than irritating. It is a drain on business productivity, an increasingly costly waste of time and resources that clogs corporate networks and distracts workers. Among consumers, it spreads scams, pornography and even computer viruses. Worse, spammers prey on less sophisticated e-mail users, including children, threatening their safety and privacy."
-Bill Gates (Jun 03)

Less than .1% of people click on spam but that is enough to keep spammers in business.  Do your best to educate new computer users not to click on spam links.*WFzG7hQ8A4w0yKfzwbyou1nahWSGIjX8kHOn0qaVLTgRRJU7leret8NOxRntL-Gq4w__/spammer_girl.jpg
I would encourage all the gun nuts to hunt down spammers and shoot them in the balls.

This sexy BBW can probably cook up a a nice spam breakfast in her kitchen.
I, Fat Bastard, could enable a spam bot here on Bigger Fatter Politics but that would require captcha and captcha is a pain in the ass for commentators so I will continue to remove spam manually.

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