Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fat Bastard and The Fat Liberation Feed

 I, Fat Bastard, may put Bigger Fatter Politics on the Fat Liberation Feed but I am concerned about the censorship there. The fatosphere has a long and ugly history of crying TROLL and some very all or nothing thinking. They are very single minded, intolerant and narrow minded and at the same time they ask for tolerance and often special treatment. We too ask for special treatment but we are not anti diet or anti skinny. In fact I, Fat Bastard, only bone skinny chicks same as most fat guys.

The Fatosphere is on a slippery slope. The New Fat Acceptance promotes gluttony which involves a form of dieting and weight gain which is also a form of dieting. It seems that the fatosphere is against weight loss diets but OK with weight gain diets.

The New Fat Acceptance is an inclusive and diverse organization. We have a big tent that is man friendly and lean woman friendly.


The angry fat girls are not very tolerant or open minded and quite paranoid when they read something that they don't like they cry TROLL and accuse poster of trolldom and fat phobia.


 Fat Liberation Feed

The Fat Liberation feed was started in 2008. Since then both the Fat Liberation feed and the Fatosphere have changed dramatically, but the Fat Liberation feed is still a place for fat bloggers who don’t always post about fat, and who might have politics outside the mainstream of most social activism communities (though we do feature several socially-progressive blogs).

No diet-talk policy
There are many places on the internet for people to talk about their diets at length, There are few places where one can expect someone not to talk about his/her diet. The Fat Liberation feed is one of those places. Note that this doesn’t mean no weight-loss dieters can be on the feed — fat acceptance allies who are currently weight-loss dieting do indeed exist. We just ask that you don’t talk about your weight-loss diet on your blog if you want to be added to the feed.

How do I request to add my blog to the feed?
Just comment on this page with a link to your blog, and a sentence about why you would like to be included.

How do I add the feed to my blog?
There are several tutorials out there for adding RSS feeds to blogs. Usually you need to go into your dashboard or page layout settings, and configure some kind of RSS widget to point to the Fat Liberation URL: http://feeds.feedburner.com/FatLiberation

Does this feed have rules?
Yes. Anyone engaging in trolling will not be allowed to remain on the feed, regardless of how long they’ve been on it.


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