Monday, August 27, 2012

How To Fit 10 Pounds of Shit in a 5 Pounds Bag.

HOW DID ROMNEY THE LIAR and CROOK GET $101,000,000 IN HIS IRA?!? OR The Secret Behind Mitt's Magic IRA OR.. How to fit 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag.

Visit Romney the Liar In Prison

Especially when by law he was allowed to invest only $30,000 a year into it? William D. Cohan at Bloomberg had some questions about this as well, right here:

This great mystery seems to have troubled others, as well. On July 3, Current TV host Jennifer Granholm, a former Democratic governor of Michigan, invited Edward Kleinbard, a law professor at the University of Southern California, on her show to discuss how Romney could have accomplished this remarkable feat. There were “only two possibilities,” Kleinbard told Granholm. Either “from a little acorn, a mighty oak grew very, very quickly, extraordinarily so,” Kleinbard explained, causing Granholm to interject, “What little acorn could grow to be $101 million? I want to get some of that acorn!”

The other possibility, Kleinbard suggested, was not dissimilar to what [Mark] Maremont theorized: that Romney contributed limited-partnership interests in Bain’s buyouts to his IRA. What was “quite troubling” to Kleinbard is that he suspected Romney may have contributed these interests to his IRA at a fraction of their market value -- “pennies on the dollar” -- and well below what he might have charged you or me. When the buyouts became successful, Kleinbard proposed, the pennies on the dollar were suddenly worth real dollars.

“What’s very frustrating to me about all this is that we can only talk in abstractions and generalities because, again, of the lack of disclosure,” Kleinbard said.

Lack of disclosure is the hallmark of Willard's career. His suspicious activities are always cloaked in secrecy. Willard will stonewall, lie, BS, hem and haw but he will NOT disclose his financial activities.

What is he hiding from us?

What is it he doesn't want us to see?


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