Friday, August 3, 2012

I Fat Bastard On a Slippery Slope?

I, Fat Bastard am a man of my word. I have proclaimed that Bigger Fatter Politics will not censor and I, Fat Bastard have remained  true to that policy. I, Fat Bastard instituted the no censorship edict as a way to give fatlings a chance not to have to march in lockstep with the angry fat girl brand of fat acceptance. Someone put me to the test and I don't know whether it was because of my support for Obama or it was a fat hater. The sent me the following and told me to put my money where my mouth was. Of course at the time my mouth was sinking its teeth into a Hardee's Thick Burger. 

Bigger Fatter Politics readers all know that I, Fat Bastard say what I mean and mean what I say so in the spirit on honesty and integrity I will publish this and allow my readers to comment. I will comment at the end of the piece.

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It shows in fact that they are all fat and lack self-control when it comes to food.

Huckabee and Falwell can't/couldn't follow their beliefs do to their unbridled food lust.

Chris Christie is just a loud mouthed fat pig and Rush, the Drugster Limpballs is a big fat mouth child molesting boar. aka typical Republican.  -Anonymous-
Fat Bastard Responds:

I, Fat Bastard have maintained a consistent position on this. GLUTTON IS GOOD! Hypocrisy is NOT good. In the new fat acceptance we don't see gluttony as a moral failing but rather a lifestyle choice. We see gluttony as a good choice. Republicans remain the moral watchdogs of on social issues as they push their family values crap. Limbaugh is a known drug abuser and child molester. The Republican party has a long history of molesting children. If you don't believe me... Google it! Republicans have a long history of being chicken hawks. Google that one too. The bottom line is, they are hypocrites who can't or won't play by their own rules.

We fatlings of the new fat acceptance freely admit that we are unabashed gluttons. We wear our gluttony with pride because we know.... GLUTTONY IS GOOD!

Many fatlings like to deny that they are gluttons and that is why we promote glutton pride by chanting cheers like, "WE ARE FAT! WE ARE MEAN! WE DON'T EAT NO LEAN CUISINE" or 2 4 6 8 WE DO NOT REGURGITATE. 

Gluttony is like being gay in this society. It is often met with shame but unlike homosexuality gluttony IS a choice. We think it is a good choice and while others may disagree we simply look at them and OINK! We don't judge thinlings for their Spartan ways so we ask that they don't judge us.

I agree with the person who sent me this challenge. Fat Republicans are hypocrites not be cause they are fat. All Republicans are hypocrites and sadly the fat ones are the most hypocritical. I, Fat Bastard am not saying that fat people are better than lean people. There are some real scumbag skinny Republicans like Eric Cantor. Abe Lincoln was a Republican and he was a bean pole but he was a great president. Ron Paul is a bean pole but he's one of the few Republicans who is not a hypocrite because he's a throw back to people like Teddy Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Ike and Ronald Reagan. Fat or skinny this generation of Republicans suck.

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I Like Ike!
I actually thank my critic for sending me this. The New Fat Acceptance does not tolerate hypocrisy and this gave me, Fat Bastard a chance to demonstrate it.  OINK!

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