Saturday, September 29, 2012

Don't Fuck With Chumlee!
Don't fuck with Chumlee or his posse.

Chumlee may seem like a simpleton but Chumlee is really fucking smart!
Antwaun Austin Chumlee's Muscle!

Chumlee has plenty of backup!

Antwaun Austin  The shop's 6' 5" security guard. Usually seen in the background, Antwaun sometimes sells store T-shirts to people who come in, helps customers bring in large items, and when necessary, removes customers who are unruly or disruptive.

In the video you will see some thug fucking with Chumlee and his posse. The thug got thumped!

Don't fuck with Chumlee!

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  1. Chumlee RULES! He's the whole show!

  2. People watch Pawn Stars for Chum and the Old man but Chum is the main man!


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