Friday, September 7, 2012

Paul Ryan Romney's Liability
BIG PIG Chris Christie, Romney's Last Hope?

Romney has enough problems. He does not need that weasel Paul Ryan with all his baggage. To make matters worse Obama has the greatest surrogate any candidate could have and I am not talking about Joe Biden. I am talking about the big dog himself, Bill Clinton.

Who do the Republicans have who can hold a candle to the Bill Clinton? The only one who can come close to the big dog is the big pig, Chris Christie. Governor Romney would be wise to stick with the big pig to counter Obama's big dog.

Chris Christie is smart and that is why he turned Romney down like he was fat free yogurt. Chris Christie gave a half assed speech and the CONvention and where he talked mostly about himself. Can Romney lure Christie back? If he were smart he could. Romney could break of the FDA and break it up into two entities the FA or Food Administration and the DA or the Drug Administration. Romney could appoint Christie to head the Drug Administration. That would motivate Christie in working has fat ass off for Romney. While Clinton is barking for Obama Christie will be oinking for Romney

If Romney were really smart he would dump Ryan and go with the pig, the big pig.

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