Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Google Completely Wrong

Then Google completely out of touch with reality!

 This is a Google bomb. When you type a phrase in Google its mysterious algorithms make it come to the top of the page. Google phrases like Romney Liar, Romney Out of Touch, Romney Flip Flop and various permutations and word combinations.

Mitt Romney is completely wrong and out of touch with reality. Every time he opens his lying trap he proves that he has nothing in common with real Americans.

Romney Insults the World!

Romney is wrong on foreign policy. He insults our allies and calls Russia a greatest foe.  Here he call Russia our greatest enemy. Romney calls Russia greatest enemy HERE! 

Romney insults England HERE

Romney insults Spain HERE

Romney insults Israel HERE

Romney insults Palestine HERE

Romney insults Japan HERE

Romney insults Canada HERE

Romney is wrong on the economy.

Many Bain Failures HERE and HERE 

Romney Insults the Military!

Romney insults our soldiers and Vets HERE

Face folks, Romney is a fucking asshole. 

Romney is a symbol of what is wrong with this greedy plutocracy we call Amerika. His supporters are far worse than he is. They know he's a liar, thief and a tax cheat yet they support him. If you are a Romney supporter I hope you get cancer and die a prolonged and agonizing death. 


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