Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Who Reads Bigger Fatter Politics?

I was astounded to see how many people have switched to Google Chrome. I installed Google Chrome a few years ago and it crashed like a mother fucker but I may switch back as Firefox is sucking with its memory leaks and crashes although I like its features.

I would ask my readers to help me, Fat Bastard link this blog to further increase its readership. As leader of NAAFA my team and I have ushered in a more honest and relevant fat acceptance movement. As a result of this honesty, Bigger Fatter Blog has a a higher readership than ALL other fat acceptance sites COMBINED! Numbers on our NAAFA site are skyrocketing. Our NAAFA site has is entirely dedicated to fat acceptance, obesity and gluttony promotion whereas Bigger Fatter Politics is news, politics and current affairs presented from a fat and glutton centric perspective with a fat bias our readers have come to know and love.   Visit our NAAFA blog HERE

We have a fucking lot of readers and here's the data to prove it. Here are last month's numbers.|Macintosh|Android|iPhone|BlackBerry|Linux|iPad|iPod

718,835 (28%)
Internet Explorer
515,525 (23%)
515,072 (22%)
49,303 (14%)
Mobile Safari
14,387 (6%)
11885 (2%)
5456 (<1%)
994 (<1%)
677 (<1%)
352 (<1%)

UPDATE: Bigger Fatter Politics continues to dominate!

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