Sunday, November 11, 2012

General Patraeus and Paula Broadwell

Everyone is whining and acting all hypocritical because David Patraeus was laying the dick to Paula Broadwell. Take a good look at Paula Broadwell. She's fucking hot. While it may be true that if Patraeus had not been a five star general she would not have let him bone her, it is also true that he's an FLUF (Funny Looking Ugly Fucker) and he worked hard to become a general who boned a really hot piece of ass who wasn't a hooker. She was actually warm for his form. Also, Patreus was in a war zone and those Afghan women are covered in tarps called burkas, the are probably hairy and smelly besides. Paula was around and ready willing and able. That makes Patraeus a hero in my book.
Dickin Dave Patraeus and Paula the Broad Broadwell

Rumor has it that Paula Broadwell is also married but to that I have to say:

Come on men drinks all around! We've had a real good supper.
If a man goes out with another man's wife he's a fool if he doesn't fucker her!

Here's the 411 on Broadwell and why this is a big deal. As men we all know that crazy bitches are almost always a good piece of ass. Patreaus is no dummy and he had to know that Paula was Michelle Bachmann crazy and Sarah Palin slutty but he got a whiff of her pussy and his ship of love was ready to attack. Let's face it, Patraeus probably never got laid much until he got famous.

From News

Earlier we reported that the investigation that uncovered David Petraeus' extramarital affair may have been spurred by Paula Broadwell anonymously sending harassing emails to people close to him. It has now been reported by the Washington Post that Paula Broadwell did indeed send threatening emails to another woman connected to Petraeus.

The woman who received the emails was so shaken by them that she sought FBI protection. The FBI investigated the emails and tracked them back to Paula Broadwell. When Petraeus' name came up, investigators thought his email might have been hacked, but the sexual nature of the emails between Petraeus and Broadwell caused them to discover that, in fact, they were having an affair.

Investigators say that the emails sent by Broadwell to the woman close to Petraeus show that Broadwell perceived the woman as a threat to her relationship with the 4-star general and CIA director.

For more about Paula Broadwell: Paula Broadwell: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

This is Patraeus with his fat and dumpy wife Holly. Let's drop the political correctness and admit that a man who has done as well a Dave Patraeus deserves a trophy wife. Come on Holly, look at you. Look how you let yourself go. You should be thanking Paula Broadwell for comforting and pleasuring Dave in a time of war. Looking at you, I can understand why he went off to war in God forsaken Afganhistan. Patraeus should get the purple heart for being with this pug ugly bitch.

Not only is David Patraeus a funny looking ugly fucker, he's a runt. He probably got his balls busted unmercifully in high school. Then he settled for a fat girl who looks like she fell out of an ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. When Broadwell came onto him all the blood rushed to his dick and he could not see that she was a psycho. A stiff dick has no conscious.
Here is Joe Biden swearing in Dave for his postion as CIA director. Look at this runt and his fat frumpy wife holding the Bible. Patraeus had to be embarrassed standing there with his fat wife looking at Biden and knowing that Biden's wife Jill is a hottie.
Jill Biden MILF!

 Where was the outrage when Bush was banging Condi Rice?

Even the fact that George Bush is hung like a field mouse Condi still tickled his pickle or should I say was jerkin his gherkin.

Dave Patraeus is said to be a military hero but in my mind he's a hero to all men who are not pretty boys who look like a Greek Adonis. Patraeus should not have stepped down and Obama, knowing how talented Patreaus is he reluctantly accepted his resignation. Getting a hot piece of ass while being married to ugly wife should not be grounds for dismissal. There are much worse things than getting a good piece of ass while married to a beast.
Holly and David Patraeus they were young. Holly was fuckable then!
Look How Holly Let Herself Go! SCARED OF YOU!

Look how this sow let herself go! When she was younger she was about a 7 which is much better than what goofy looking guys like Patraeus can land. Jill Biden who is about the same age is still a MILF. Holly let herself go and went from a 7 to a 1.  What  did you expect a man like Patraeus to do when he had the opportunity to land  an 8 with a smokin body?

Jill Biden is a 9

Michelle Obama is an 8

Paula Broadwell is an 8

Condi Rice has a really nice body but is a bit of a butter face but she did manage to look hot for Bush so that he'd explore her bush. I give her a 7

Holly Patraeus is a dog.


  1. I have no problem at all with General Peckertracks laying the pipe to a hot hot woman. He is not a kook on social issues and has never judged others. Let's be honest, I'm sure his wife is a nice person and a wonderful mother, but let's be for real, she's a just a bit on fugly side.

    1. You hit the nail on the head Nick. His wife should have not gotten all fat and dumpy. This guy is a fucking general and a general deserves a hot wife. All war heroes deserve a hot wife.

      Dave Patraeus seems like a real professional soldier. Through history I liked George Patton, William Tecumseh Sherman and Surgeon General Regina Benjamin cause she's fat as hell!

  2. Agree with you man. Well written. He seems to be a capable person. Really dont get whats the big deal is. They say he had to resign because of the Benghazi US consulate attacks..

    1. There are all sorts of conspiracy theories floating around. The Benghazi bunk is sour grapes by the Republicans. The fact is Patraeus is a Republican. If there was anything detremental about Obama regarding Benghazi it would have come out before the election.

  3. Puts a new meaning to the book title "ALL IN"

  4. Good for Dave Patraeus! I used to think that these guys who trade in their older wives on a newer model but experience has shown me that when women get to menopause they get fat, frumpy and frigid. Patraeus stayed in good shape but his hogger wife chose not to. She owed it to him not to become a fat slob. She only has her piggy self to blame.

  5. I have to agree with anonymous. His wife Holly could have looked good for him but she chose not to do so.

    Currently I am boinking my wife's hot sister. She's married to a fat lummox. When our kids are grown we will be together.

    For all you others who are married to fat spouse CHEAT!

    1. I am going to let you in on some inside information from someone who used to pork fat sluts. Fat girls are much more likely to cheat and many of the fat girls I used to pork were married. Their husbands were turned off so these fat girls were not getting any sausage so I porked them. None of the ever had any qualms about cheating just like they never had any qualms about eating.

      Once I got over my fat fetish, a fetish that developed after being molested by a fat baby sitter is can tell you that when you are with a slender woman the sex is 100 times better and they smell better.

      I will not be trashing Patraeus. Let's say his wife was hot like Biden's wife and he fucked around on her then I'd dump on him but his wife is a fat glutton who was cheating on him with food. When I was porking fat girls I employed the 3F rule which is Feed em! Fuck em! & Forget em!

  6. For sure, Condi has an understated hotness. Hot Lady Biden is likely a GILF, not just a MILF - I would mark her as an 8 or 9. Paula = 8 or 9. That Lee lady, maybe a 7+.

    Holly - she's about a MINUS 5! She's a BIGGER MAN than her husband - look at her, she didn't just let herself go, she prepped for the "male conversion surgery." I repeat - she is a *M-A-N*! No wonder General Patray-tray wanted to play-play in the fine nubile bush-lands of Paula's hotness.

    1. Holly should go the Chaz Bono route. Holly started out cute but man did she butch out. Maybe she went dyke on him but still he should have used better judgement. That whole crew that he hung out with in the states could have been on real housewives.

      Maybe the military should hire whores and put them on the payroll and reward soldiers with a piece of ass for meritorious service. It would be a great morale booster and a great recruiting tool.


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