Monday, November 19, 2012

Hamas Sacrifices Civilians as Military Tactic

Hamas Sacrifices Civilians as Military Tactic
By Alan Dershowitz

As the rockets continue to fall in Israel and Gaza, it is important to understand Hamas’s tactic and how the international community and the media are encouraging it.

Hamas’ tactic is as simple as it is criminal and brutal. Its leaders know that by repeatedly firing rockets at Israeli civilian areas, they will give Israel no choice but to respond. Israel’s response will target the rockets and those sending them. In order to maximize their own civilian casualties, and thereby earn the sympathy of the international community and media, Hamas leaders deliberately fire their rockets from densely populated civilian areas. The Hamas fighters hide in underground bunkers but Hamas refuses to provide any shelter for its own civilians, who they use as “human shields.”

 Alan Dershowitz Gets It Right! 

This is a common tactic of Muslims.  They hide and fire missiles and snipe from homes and even hospitals. They start shit and care so little about their children that they won't even provide them with bomb shelters. Before Israel retaliated they dropped warning messages telling civilians in Gaza to leave. 

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