Saturday, November 10, 2012

Karl Rove the Delusional Liar

It's been long known that Republicans are liars who like to Rewrite history. Karl Rove is a delusional liar and here is some concrete proof of that.

In 2008 Barack Obama won North Carolina in spite of the fact that North Carolina is full of stupid racist inbred slime.

Karl Rove was running his mouth on Fox News on election night denying that President Obama won Ohio. Even when Fox News analysts were certain that Obama has won, a shell shocked cry baby Karl Rove had a meltdown.

Here is the  real 2008 electoral map.

Here are the real totals. Electoral vote tally: Barack Obama 375, John McCain 163.

Obama also won Missouri and Indiana in 2008. I suppose it is good when Republicans lie to themselves and each other but the problem is they lie to everyone. The reason they do is simple, that's what liars do. Liars lie but Karl Rove may actually believe some of his lies.

Karl Rove like so many other Republicans is a child in a pudgy white man's body.

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  1. Why isn't that crooked bastard Karl Rove in jail?


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