Friday, November 9, 2012

President Obama: My Brother From Another Mother
Moved to tears, an appreciative President Obama thanks his staff and worker

I would not be so Pollyanna to say that I am color blind but honestly, when I see President Obama I don't see a Black man or a White man and not a bi racial man. All I see is a man. Not a perfect man or a man that I am in lockstep with.  I see a man who is a better man than I and a better man than most. I liken President Obama to presidents Carter and Reagan when it comes to character. While I really liked Bill Clinton for the legend, the rock star, and the pragmatic man that could get things done. I love President Obama like a brother same as Jimmy Carter.  In 2008 I campaigned hard for Hillary as I thought that she with Bubba's help would be better for improving the condition of this country after the raping by the Cheney/Bush regime but now I believe that it would have been a wash. It's hard to know what would have happened with a fighter like Hillary as opposed to friendly negotiator like President Obama. Racists are also woman haters so the Rethuglicans probably would have been the same obstructionist pricks with her as they have been with the president. My thought was that maybe Hillary would have fought them mean and dirty but in the end President Obama let them beat themselves up will taking more cheap shots that Hillary could have or would have tolerated. As much as I admired Hillary and even though I still believe she would have been a stellar president I think that Barack Obama the man is better for the evolving soul of America.

Enter Vice President Biden. There is no doubt in my mind that Joe Biden and his wife Jill have developed a deep and abiding love for the Obamas.  It is clear that Joe Biden not only has the president's back like any good VP would do but he has his back as a brother.
Don't fuck with the BIG DOG!

There was great great contention between Obama and Bill Clinton in 2008 but as Hillary got to know Barack Obama the man so did Bill and come the 2012 Democratic Convention, a sincere Bill the "Big Dog" Clinton became Barack's faithful guard dog and there is no better guard dog than the big dog.

It would be easy to gloat at the shellacking the Rethuglicans took but other than  feeling good for the moment it will not help the future of America but that said, we also most not forget that this was truly one of those rare triumphs of good defeating evil. We gotta keep sticking it to the power elite and their CON mouth pieces.

Bill Clinton was right when he said that Barack Obama is cool on the outside but burns on the inside. President Obama has a deep love for America and humanity. That is just how he is. I think that is why he was lack luster in the first debate. I think he was shocked by Romney's flip flops and lies. Hillary would have crucified Romney and she would have probably trounced him even more soundly than Barack did but the president's victory is much more than a good president getting re-elected. It is about patriotism defeating tyranny, truth overcoming a seemingly unstoppable tide of lies and prevarications, reason overcoming insanity and love conquering hate.

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