Friday, November 2, 2012

Romney And The Vultures

You all know the type. Look at these arrogant cock suckers. Look at these low class pigs. Get a good look. Look long and hard at these greedy bastards. These fuckers are what are know as plutocrats. They are the ones who have purchased our governement and our elected officials. These contemptible slimes are the real live Gordon Gekkos of the world. They really do believe that greed is good.

Here is what I think is good.


Good citizenship.

Honest Government.

A level playing field.

The filthy rich paying their fair share.

A country with more teachers than soldiers.


Respect humanity.


The proposition that all of us are created equal.

The Constitution of the United States

Civil Right and Human Rights.

Mitt Romney represents the worst in humanity. His Machiavellian nature is what guided his every move. He is a skilled liar. He is not the captain of industry that he portrays himself to be. He is a vulture and a bottom feeder and a glorified bookie.

Mitt Romney is an example of a spoiled rich kid who is above the law. He's a shining example of the 1%.

If you support Mitt Romney you are either and idiot or a scumbag. 

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