Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Update Patraeus and Gen. John Kelly Commit Perjury

It looks like this jerk really compromised his integrity and showed poor judgment in two ways. A lot of married men would have boinked Paula Broadwell. I would have but I, Fat Bastard, would have recognized one thing; the bitch was crazy! That does not mean that one should not throw a fuck into a woman just because she's crazy although one should use caution. Crazy bitches are hot but they can be trouble. Proud FA has more than his fair share of fatal attraction and stalker stories but unlike General Patraueus Proud FA was not the top military leader or head of the CIA. While Proud FA's title of Dean of Feederism was prestigious it was not like being the head of the CIA.  Proud FA is a horny guy and he's so horny that the crack of dawn isn't safe but even Proud FA would have used better judgement than Patraeus but the General's bad judgement did not end there and I don't think that his boinking of a whore like Paula Broadwell was the reason for his dismissal and resignation as CIA director. As I pointed out in a previous article banging a really hot slut when you are married to a frumpy wife is not necessarily poor judgement. He poor judgement is revealed in this NBC News investigation by Michael Isikoff.
Hey John, let's commit perjury and lie for this lying whore Natalie Khawman. Maybe will get a blowjob or two in the bargain. Sounds good Dave, I barely know the slut but I will say she's a real Girl Scout. So what it she's a psycho bitch and a horrible mother, if she gives good head I'm in!

Gen. John Allen, right, commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, and former CIA Director David Petraeus appear at the White House on April 28, 2011.

The letters came to light after Kelley emerged as a key player in the scandal surrounding emails that officials say were written by Petraeus biographer Paula Broadwell – a trail of correspondence that led to Petraeus’ resignation as CIA director and a Pentagon investigation of Allen over what defense officials have described as “potentially inappropriate” emails he exchanged with Kelley.

The legal battle between Khawam and Wolfe has been bitter, according to court records. Both sides have accused one another of repeatedly lying to the court -- including about invitations to events involving prominent members of Congress.

The court records also shed some light on the lifestyle of the Kelley family: At one point, the judge -- who had directed Kelley's sister to pay child support and the legal fees of her ex-husband -- noted that Khawam lived "rent-free in Florida with her sister" in a home described as a "ten bedroom mansion in a beautiful neighborhood right on Tampa Bay."

The judge also ruled that Jill Kelley was a "patently biased and unbelievable witness" when she testified about an alleged case of domestic abuse by her twin sister's ex-husband.

In a Nov. 9, 2011, ruling, D.C. Superior Court Judge Neal E. Kravitz dismissed Kelley's testimony that she saw Wolfe push Khawam down a flight of stairs inside the Kelleys’ home. Kelley testified that her sister was holding the couple's baby in one hand and "somehow was able to stand her ground on the staircase" as Wolfe, "who is substantially larger and stronger ... pushed Ms. Khawam from above with both hands and all of his might."
Read David Petraeus' letter to the court

Read Gen. John Allen's letter to the court

Read More Here 
What in blue hell are two top generals doing writing to a family court judge on government issued military stationary? Whore fucking is one thing but fucking with the custody battle that that could leave a child with a psycho parent is way beyond bad judgement. It's criminal.
WOMAN TROUBLE: News of mistress Paula Broadwell (left) made David Petraeus’ wife, Holly (right), “furious,” while the CIA chief was revealed to have helped the third woman in the drama, Jill Kelley (above), with her sister’s divorce.


  1. It is the judge - stupid!

    Rather than focus on the “crazy sister”, take a look at Judge Neal E. Kravitz, an associate judge at the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, and his bias against Arab-Americans demonstrated in the recent case of Khawam v Grayson P. Wolfe and that of another Arab-American male. Historically before Judge Kravitz’s recent rulings against the two Arab-Americans in two separate cases, the highest attorney’s fees ever ordered in family court were $20,000. In spite of such historical precedent, Judge Kravitz ordered the Arab-American male pay $250,000, and Natalie K. Khawam, an Arab-American female, $350,000 in attorney’s fees. A reasonable person can only conclude that race, ethnicity, culture, and/or national origin played a primary role in the findings and determination of Judge Kravitz in these matters. Such bias and misconceived notions of an individual’s national origins, ethnicity and/or race by a judge should not be permitted and such behavior is indicative of judicial misconduct.

    1. Relax dude. Judges are crooks and racists? NO SHIT?

      If this judge is guilty of judicial misconduct then prove it and get him tossed out.

      Kravitz sounds like a typical douchebag. Here's what I found. However Khawam has Gloria Allred and if there's any hanky panky on the judge's part Allred has the medica clout to bury him.

      Sounds to me like the Kravitz is the best judge money can buy.


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