Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christie 2016

That skinny transvestite slut Ann Coulter got it right when she said, "If Chris Christie is not the candidate in 2012 we will lose this election."  Even a crazy bitch like Ann Coulter was able to see the forest for the trees on this one. The fact that Christie is a moderate doesn't seem to bother Ann. Her Adam's apple quivers at the thought of Chris Christie making a waddle for the White House.

I have said many times that the greatest presidents have been the fattest. Bill Clinton was fat while president and Hillary is porking up for the 2016 run/waddle for the president. If the Republicans run another bean pole like Romney they will once again lose the fat vote.
Bill Clinton was not the only president who was a fat chick magnet. Big Bill Taft's famous mustache rides got him the female vote. This guy's face got more ass than a toilet seat.

William Howard Taft was by far and away our greastest President. Not only was he a chair buster he was an even bigger trust buster than Teddy Roosevelt.
So loved was William Howard Taft that scientists of the day bred a special horse just for him and fat guys like him.
Because the T-shirt had not yet been invented, ladies you rode Taft's famous mustache and meat face received a commemorative campaign button

Teddy Roosevelt was also a fat guy and when people thought he was shouting "BULLY!! BULLY!!!" he was really shouting Belly Belly. Christie could learn a thing or two from both Taft and Roosevelt.  First, SIZE matters but more than that Christie can learn and even more valuable lesson from Teddy Roosevelt. When Republicans would not back TR for the third run for the presidency he TR started the Bull Moose party. Christie would be wise to start the Pizza Party. Who wants a smelly bull moose when you can have a hot delicious pizza topped with triple cheese, pepperoni and sausage with some mushrooms for the health nuts?

Teddy Roosevelt and Taft: Men of girth are men of worth!

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