Thursday, January 3, 2013

Chris Christie Lambastes Boehner And His Republican Henchmen

Chris Christie Crucifies Congressional Creeps

Gov. Christie chews  up and spits out house speaker John "crybaby" Boehner as he shames shameful Christians.

This is one more example of how greedy the red state Bible Belt Christians really are. Republican Congressman from New York and New Jersey did not hesitate to vote for aid for hurricane Katrina victims in Mississippi and Louisiana. Hurricane Sandy was far more devastating than Hurricane Katrina.

It's becoming more and more clear that the Bible thumpers are hateful bunch. These morons still fighting the Civil War and as we all know the Civil War was fought mostly to free the slaves who were enslaved by these heartless and cruel Christians.

As leader of the new fat acceptance movement, I, Fat Bastard, once again demonstrate that fat large and in charge guys like Gov. Christie make great leaders. The good folks in New Jersey are happy to see Chris Christie throwing his weight around. Unfortunately, Gov. Christie is the exception that proves the rule in that he is a Republican who actually cares more about people and he does his party.

I said in an earlier article that like that other fat guy Teddy Roosevelt, Christie would be wise to start his own political party. If you know your history you will know that Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican who started the Bull Moose Party. Christie would be wise to appeal to the Italian vote by starting a pizza party. As you know the state of New Jersey has a lot of Italian-American citizens and one look at Chris Christie and you know that he knows his pizza.

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  1. I love it when a fat guy throws his weight around.


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