Monday, January 7, 2013

Go Fuck Yourself Harry Reid!

The US congress has reached and all time low in the eyes of the American people but it has reached an all time high among Jerry Springer fans.  U.S. Congress can't pass the farm bill and they can't vote on funds for the victims of hurricane Sandy but there sure are great when it comes to histrionics. When House Speaker John Boehner told Sen. Harry Reid to go fuck himself it was a classic Springer moment. It's always nice to tell somebody to go fuck themselves but it also matters where you do it. When you publicly drop the F bomb you want to do in a place where has the most impact. Of all the places in the world to drop the F bomb what better than the White House? Not only will Jerry Springer fans appreciate John Boehner's timing so will fans of Johnny Knoxville's Jackass. Like so many Republicans John Boehner is a consummate jackass.  Say what you want about House Speaker Boehner. So what that he drinks like a fish and smokes like a chimney and who really cares that he's a big crybaby? Anybody who can drop the F bomb in the White House and gets away with it has to be admired. Pres. Obama probably remained stoic and Sen. Reid dodged the cheap shot as though it was coming from a punchdrunk fighter who was already too out on his feet to know that the fight was lost before he even stepped into the ring. Badly outclassed by a skilled professional Harry Reid, Boehner's desperation showed as Reid skillfully sidestepped the lawmaker's histrionic verbal haymaker.

This happened at the White House right in front of Pres. Obama during a closed-door meeting regarding the fiscal cliff. Normally when two adversaries become combative the president likes to sit them down and have them work out their differences over nice cold glass of beer but that wouldn't work out because the senator is a Mormon and Mormons don't drink alcohol and the speaker of the house is a hard-core alcoholic and it would be wrong for the president to give a mean drunkard like John Boehner alcohol.

Perhaps Pres. Obama needs someone who was on both sides of this issue and that would be Idaho Sen. Mike Crapo. Mike Crapo is a Republican, a Mormon and a drunk. He could bring a fresh perspective to this and maybe he could be John Boehner's sponsor in Alcoholics Anonymous and maybe John Boehner can sponsor Crapo in Hypocrites Anonymous.

I use the boxing analogy because Sen. Harry Reid is one tough hombre. Sen. Reid actually is a boxer and throughout his career as a boxer and a senator he has shown that he can go the distance and take a punch. The man has heart and tenacity but more than that he has guile. This little fight is like Tyson versus Holyfield. As disgusting as it was when Mike Tyson bit off a piece of Evander Holyfield's ear and spit it out, it sure made for great theater. Both Tyson and speaker Boehner were both desperate men with no chance of winning against superior opponent. What Boehner did was more like crapping your pants in the middle of the ring in order to get disqualified rather than biting off a piece of his opponent's ear. Drunkards are quite used to crapping their pants.

Can you picture Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan or Barack Obama telling some doofus like Mitch McConnell to go fuck himself? Democrats don't behave that way. Joe Biden would never use the exact words," go fuck yourself". The vice president would employ some Irish diplomacy so that the persons fucking themselves would enjoy it before they realized that they were indeed fucking themselves.

John Boehner may be a pathetic smudge of a man but who in their right mind would want his job even though some of the biggest ass clowns in Congress are gone now. Allen West and Joe Walsh are gone and somebody had to fill their ass clown shoes and since Boehner already has a red nose, who better than the drunken weepy ass clown Ohio?

Let's say that John Boehner got into cussing contest with his fellow Republican Joe Walsh. I think it would go something like this.

Boehner: Go fuck yourself!

Walsh: No! You go fuck yourself!

Boehner: No! You go fuck yourself!

Walsh: No! You go fuck yourself!

Boehner: No! You go fuck yourself!

Walsh: No! You go fuck yourself!

Boehner: No! You go fuck yourself!

Walsh: No! You go fuck yourself!

Mouth Wide Open And Wearing a Pearl Necklace

I suppose, is Bill Clinton told anybody the growth of themselves it would probably go something like this, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky"

If Ronald Reagan had said it it would probably go something like this, "well… There you go again, fucking yourself".

President Obama would probably say if he were inclined to use it have language, "yes you can go for yourself".

Other classy Republicans who said things like that. Dick Cheney probably couldn't speak for more than 10 minutes without using the F bomb. George W. Bush likes flipping the bird.

Harry Reid clearly outclassed this bum but when it is all said and done this political theater was less like a boxing match and more like the WWE.

More about Boehner fucking himself HERE

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