Sunday, January 6, 2013

Out-of-Control Cop Punches Defenseless Special-Needs Girl

Now that you have seen the video and and witnessed this brutality you think in addition to the bias against this girl was not just that she was special needs but also because she was fat?

What do you think should happen to the cop who hauled off with all his might and knocked her out cold?


Our readers have informed me that cops do target fat people. In the above video cops mistake a pregnant woman for be fat and they kick her in the belly. She needed and emergency C-section.

Here two more pregnant women are tazed and beaten.  Obviously they were mistaken for being fat.

We need more fat cops. Feed them donuts and they will calm down.

This demonstrates the power of the doughnut. The police officer protecting handcuffed man from the other police officer is clearly a doughnut lover. He loves doughnuts and he knew that the suspect in custody had some doughnuts and that is why he protected the handcuffed suspect from police brutality.

It would probably be wise for fat people who are increasingly becoming victims of police brutality to carry doughnuts with them and if not carrying actual doughnuts they would be wise to carry with them a Dunkin' Donuts gift card for a box of free doughnuts. They can hand it to the officer along with  license, registration and insurance card.


  1. I'm surprised that somebody hasn't killed that pig by now.

  2. I didn't laugh..... I was busy trying not to puke. And the cops laugh was not a taunting or teasing laugh... he was just shocked at what he saw.... I was ready to puke, he let out a nervous laugh.... no harm, no foul.

    The cop punching the the lady, thats a different story. But it does appear that she was a known person and maybe a constant pain in the ass. She took a helluva punch though.

  3. The cops like beating up on retards because it's easier for them to get away with it. In most cases these they usually beat up on skinny people and they like to manhandle women.

    There are a lot of fat cops but they are not fat enough. If they were really obese they would not be so aggressive and if they needed to restrain a suspect they could use their bulk instead of a taser or a billy club.

    Citizens can also protect themselves by keeping a bag of donuts with them at all times and sharing them with the cops. A lot of folks are worried about their rights being violated by out of control cops but none of the offer a solution. The best way to stop this is make a rule that all cops have to be obese and morbidly obese and citizens should feed them donuts. So they don't have to chase suspects provide them with really fast dogs. Nothing is more exciting than watching a German Police dog chasing down a bad guy.

  4. Here is another case of a cop abusing a fat man. This one is NOT funny!

  5. Here's another fat women being beaten by a cop.

    1. I stand corrected, the cops are just as brutal to fatlings.

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