Monday, February 4, 2013

Fattest Lady on Earth Is Fat and Fit

These videos speak for themselves. Please comment.


  1. Fat Bastard, this is really going to fry your donuts. Pauline is literally the biggest sellout of them all. Once minute she wants to be the heaviest woman in Guinness, the next she's on British TV or Dr Phil saying she wants to lose weight and only went for the title because she thought it would give her the attention needed to get help.

    The first woman, Renee Williams, died in 2007

    1. Well, fried doughnuts beat baked doughnuts any day. The world is full of sell outs. Dr. Phil is himself a sellout. Like Elvis Costello song says," I used to be disgusted but now I try to be amused." Then I have to look at things philosophically and admit that not everyone is destined to be fat. There was a time not so long ago when we fatlings were in elite bunch but today with 80% of the population being overweight or obese we fatlings are becoming quite commonplace so now everybody is trying to become super duper morbidly obese. I realize that raises the bar for other lard asses but one has to question whether the art of obesity has gone from an heart to a shameless competition.

      One thing that gets lost in the shuffle is the fine art of gourmandizing. As impressive as some of the super super half ton plus eat beasts are it turns what was in amateur sport into something that borderlines on professional. When fatlings start doing it more for notoriety then for the sport itself we all must sit back and examine the direction the gluttonous world is going.

      Probably one of the greatest gluttons I know is not the biggest glutton. Perhaps the greatest fact guy I know is our own Dr. Gerald "Teddy" Bear. When it comes to the super heavyweights our own Belly Boy is in a class all by himself. I cannot judge who is a better glutton and fat guy. There is more to being a fat ass and a glutton than merely size. There is attitude which takes the form of fattitude. Anybody can stuff their face and get fat but takes a special person to make it an art form and Teddy and Belly Boy do just that.

      There are many unsung heroes and we see them every day; from the 400 pound woman and the Walmart Scooter to the 500 pound man bellying up to the all-you-can-eat buffet for the 10th time. We see it in the legions of lard with nose hoses and diabetic amputations. We hear it in their grunts and wheezes as they struggle to walk or go out a chair. These are the true sports men and women. These are the people, these are the heroes who make us all proud to be fat. We don't need a bunch a showoffs, hot dogging and grandstanding and showboating. They do not deserve the adulation or respect. The people who deserve the respect and praise are the every day run-of-the-mill gluttons that have made America what it is today.

  2. I have to agree with Bally Balldez. Super fat people are commonplace in the US today and a great many are much larger than these attention seeking idiots we hear about on Dr. Phil and such. My own wife is considerably heavier than either Suzanne Eman or Pauline Potter. The difference is my wife doesn’t crave or need the notoriety or the negative press. She doesn’t feel the need to compete for a title that will only bring criticism and negative attention to her and our lifestyle. She and I are perfectly happy living our lives without grabbing at the 15 minutes of fame everyone seems to be seeking these days. She is perfectly happy living a life of normalcy where being a super glutton and being super morbidly obese is her business and no one else’s. She doesn’t need anyone advertising how many calories she ingests each day and she doesn’t want someone broadcasting pictures of her and her C-pap machine all over the internet. She also doesn’t want or need someone telling the world how many times a day I need to shoot her up with insulin. This whole fattest person in the world thing is getting out of hand. It used to be that the fattest people weren’t even discovered until they keeled over and died like a beached whale or you saw them in a sideshow or they had some significant health issue that required a laborious trip to the hospital. They lived happy private lives with their loved ones caring for them and they generally shunned the outside world that didn’t want to accept them for the wonderful gluttons that they were.

    I guess this need to advertise how fat you are is all a symptom of the information age where everyone feels the need to put the smallest details of their lives out on the net for the entire world to see. Social media like Facebook and Twitter have changed the way we see and deal with the outside world and it hasn’t always been for the better.

    1. We view the famous gluttons with some skepticism. We like the fact that they unashamedly promote extreme gluttony but we also se them as attention whores in many cases. On the other hand we cannot underestimate the contribution the celebrity gluttons to the cause of gluttony and obesity promotion. Overall I see more positives than negatives. Seeing these fat women waddling or rolling in the power chairs and fearlessly digging their own graves with their mouths is truly inspiration to other more inhibited gluttons.


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