Sunday, March 24, 2013

CORAL SPRINGS COPS Beat, Strip Search and Terrorize BBW Widow
Susan Mait Victim Of Police Brutality


It used to be that cops just brutalized blacks and teenage boys. It then graduated to black women and white adult males. Most of the time they left fat people alone because very often we carry doughnuts. Now the cops are attacking not only fat men but fat women in order to get their jollies.

It seems now that when we look at police brutality videos on YouTube we are seeing less blacks being beaten and now more whites. Blacks have something they call Nigger Radar.  Maybe that's why they are avoiding some of the police brutality and maybe now cops are shifting their sick sexual perversion of beating people onto anyone they can find.

It can also be the blacks have become experts in dealing with brutal cops. That being said, I have no doubt that blacks are still being beaten by cops and the disproportionate rate than whites but this is to warn whites. Your skin color will along to protect you from brutal cops. This is also a warning to fat people. Just because you're fat it does not mean the cops will not avoid laying the boots, pepper spray, nightsticks and tasers to you.

This incident happened in Coral Springs Florida. It seems that the Coral Springs Police Department as a big problem with police corruption and police brutality. That being the case I am warning all people and especially fat people to avoid taking a vacation in coral Springs Florida.

To read more about the brutality and sexual assault Susan Mait sufferered at the hands of the corrupt Coral Springs police click here.

Thug Officers Derek Fernandes and Nicole "the Slut" Stasnek
Two Coral Springs Police officers are currently under investigation after allegedly falsifying reports in a DUI arrest of a woman in October, according to CSPD spokesperson Lt. Joe McHugh and the Broward State Attorney's Office.

On October 4, Susan Mait, 60, ran her Lexus into the curb on Royal Palm Boulevard and developed two flat tires, the Sun Sentinel reports. Officers Derek Fernandes and Nicole Stasnek responded to the scene, ultimately charging Mait with driving under the influence and resisting arrest.

Mait, whose husband was killed by a driver under the influence of drugs, according to the Sentinel, spent the night in jail.

But the Broward State Attorney dropped charges against Mait this week after urine samples revealed she only had an anti-depressant in her system, the Associated Press reports, and after an audio recording was released that confirmed false statements on the officers' depositions.


  1. Florida is a hole.
    Giant mosquitoes, sink holes, drug-crazed face eating zombies, it just keeps getting more messed up.

    If I want to deal with corrupt cops and hug a billion dollar mouse, I'll stick to Anaheim.

    1. I don't get the appeal of Florida. I prefer California oranges.

  2. Florida leads the country in ALL sector of crime and corruption with Miami being the epicenter. Click the link for more info.


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