Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mississippi Anti Bloomberg Law Strikes A Blow For Gluttony

That skinny runt New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has tried to create a regulation banning big gulp sodas and other delicious sugary drinks. In response to that assault on gluttony and gluttons rights state of Mississippi pass the anti-Bloomberg Law. Mississippi is proud to be the fattest state in the union and rightly so. Mississippians know that gluttony is good. Mississippi is also a very slothful state because it took them until 2009 to ratify the 13th amendment that abolishes slavery.  Now that might sound bad but if you're proud of your slothfulness why would you want to do away with slavery? Slothful gluttony is Southern heritage just as much as is fatback, cracklings, sweet tea, funnel cakes, french fries and gravy and pulled pork barbecue.

Gluttony is a human right but not only is gluttony and human right gluttony is right. Gluttony is good. They say that a clock is right twice a day and often wrong Mississippi got it right this time.

Southern pride plays a big part in this. The state of Mississippi is the most obese state in the union running neck and neck with Louisiana. Southerners are proud of their gluttony and sloth in spite of sellouts like Paul Deen who is now the disgraced Butter Queen. Mississippi is proud of its slothful and gluttonous heritage.

Let's give Mississippi a big pig cheer. Oink oink HOORAY! Oink oink HOORAY! Oink oink HOORAY! Oink oink HOORAY! 

Click HERE for the Top 10 Fattest States

Top 10 Fat States: Where Obesity Rates Are Highest 1. Mississippi: Once again, this is the fattest state. About 32.5 percent of its adult residents are obese, which means a body mass index (BMI) of more than 30. (That translates to more than 197 pounds on a 5'8" person.) 

2. Alabama: It has an obesity rate of 31.2 percent, and an additional 35.3 percent of Alabamans are overweight (a BMI of between 25 and 29.9). Plus, it's among the top 10 most physically inactive states.  

3. West Virginia: With an obesity rate of 31.1 percent, this state also has the highest percentage of adult diabetes in the nation, at 11.6 percent.

4. Tennessee: While residents are becoming more physically active, their stats still aren't great. The obesity rate is 30.2 percent, and an additional 36.7 percent are overweight.

5. South Carolina: With a 29.7 percent obesity rate and a 35.8 percent overweight rate, it's not surprising that South Carolina is also among the 10 states with the highest rates of adult diabetes and high blood pressure.

6. Oklahoma: Oklahoma's obesity rate jumped by 1.4 percentage points, to 29.5 percent. Not surprisingly, the prevalence of adult diabetes also rose significantly.

7. Kentucky: Kentucky is the second-least physically active state, which may partly explain why its obesity rate is 29 percent. An additional 38.4 percent of residents are overweight.

8. Louisiana: Its obesity rate is 28.9 percent, but that actually may be a tiny decline from last year. And it was one of four states to show a significant decrease in physical inactivity.

9. Michigan: Its obesity rate rose more than a percentage point to 28.8 percent, while the prevalence of diabetes and physical inactivity also rose.

10. Arkansas and Ohio: Both states clocked in with a 28.6 percent obesity rate, though Arkansas has more overweight people. And Ohio has a lower prevalence of physical inactivity, at 25 percent to Arkansas's 28.8 percent.

Eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat!

Mine eyes and seen the glory of the coming of the food.
Eating lots of goodies puts me in a good mood.
People like Mike Bloomberg are skinny and so rude.
The buffet line marches on.

Glory glory hallelujah
Fast food don't cost that much moolah
Glory glory hallelujah
The food is marching on

Read More About Mississippi's Anti Bloomberg law.

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