Monday, March 18, 2013

Update On TV WKBT News Anchor Jennifer Livingston's Fat Rant

TV anchor Jennifer Livingston defends man who called her fat, (SHE IS FAT!) wants people to ‘leave him alone? Not really!

WKBT anchor says she won't hold a grudge against Kenneth Krause, the angry viewer who reprimanded her for being overweight, suggesting her size makes her a bad role model.




 Wisconsin news anchor Jennifer Livingston says she wants everyone to lay off the man who ridiculed her for being overweight and a poor role model.
Ham armed heavyweight Jennifer Livingston oinkpines about her critic.

Jennifer Livingston says she doesn't want people to harass Kenneth Krause, who called her fat.

Wisconsin news anchor Jennifer Livingston says she wants everyone to lay off the man who ridiculed her for being overweight and a poor role model. (Angry fat girls laying on that skinny stick boy could kill him!)

“I hope people kinda leave him behind and leave him alone,” Livingston told


She added that she harbors no bad feelings toward Kenneth Krause, the viewer who fired off a now-viral email to the anchor two weeks ago, in which he berated her for being “obese.” (Actually, deep down, Ken Krause makes her want to flick her switch. Her husband is a wimp who wouldn't say shit if he had a mouthful but Ken is the kind of manly man that fat girls want but can never get. Jen's hubby know that Ken is right and deep down he'd like to be with Ken's wife Barbie. He wish he was like Ken - a man who wouldn't settle so he pusuaded wifezilla to waddle onto the bully pulpit instead of facing Ken like man.)

“Surely, you don’t consider yourself a suitable example for this community’s young people, girls in particular,” he wrote. (Jumbo Jenny never answered Ken's question because she knows she is not a good role model but rather a good roll model.)

Krause’s email picked up steam after Livingston’s infuriated husband posted it on Facebook, saying it made him sick. (What really made him sick is that chronic yeast infection Jenny has and the fact that Ken Krause's wife is a size 4 and when they sit on the sofa Ken doesn't have to tell her to MOOOOOve over.)


Kenneth Krause apologized for his cruel email, saying he 'never meant to hurt Jennifer.' (What cruel email? This stick boy was concerned about this sexy sow's health but the broad BBW broadcaster had a fat girl breakdown on the air when she flew into her rant. Sure all the fat girls swooned while their husbands kept their mouths shut because they were thinking that they'd like to bone her if she lost 80 pounds of blubber. Let's be honest here!)



Jennifer Livingston addressed the issue on air, pointing out that October is anti-bullying month. (And she proceeded to bully Ken Krause!)

Livingston, an anchor at WKBT in La Crosse, Wisc., addressed the cruel claim on air, saying Krause was out of line, and a bully.
Button busting big bellied broadcaster Jennifer Livingston beefing up.

She has said she has a thyroid condition which makes it difficult to shed the pounds. What a fucking LIAR! The old thyroid excuse is getting quite lame.


Originally sticking to his complaint about Livingston’s weight, Krause backed down and apologized, saying he “never meant to hurt Jennifer.” (Ken was worried about being buried by a fat girl flabbalanche!)

“I’m in no position to bully her,” Kenneth Krause told ABC News. “She’s a big media personality. I’m just a working stiff.” (And besides she might eat my kids!)

Fat Bastard Oinkpines!
Fat Bastard
As leader of the new fat acceptance movement I, Fat Bastard am obligated to comment on this latest chain of events. Kenneth Krause is no need to apologize. Kent Krause simply stated his opinion. In his opinion being fat and gluttonous is not a good thing and therefore he sees Jennifer Livingston as a bad role model for her children. We it bigger fatter politics see it another way. We believe that Jennifer Livingston is a good role model because we it bigger fatter politics believe that gluttony is good. Whether Jennifer Livingston is a good mother is a whole other kettle of fish and chips. From a scientific point of view, a sociological point of view and a biological point of view fat girls are not good mothers. Jennifer Livingston is an excellent role model for the gluttonous lifestyle that so many Americans hold near and dear. Where we take exception with Ms. Livingston is her copout. Jennifer Livingston is a big fat glutton so for her to blame her fatness on a thyroid condition is simply total bullshit. If you're going to lie Jennifer make it a better one than that. There are many treatments for slow thyroid conditions. The choice of most endocrinologists is a medication called Synthroid. People with sluggish thyroid merely need to take a drug like Synthroid or a drug called Armor or Levo-thyroxine. These drugs easily restore thyroid function to normal levels. Anyone taking thyroid medication knows this. Jennifer is a glutton.

Fat girls lie and Jennifer Livingston is no exception. Every fat girl has an excuse as to why she's fat. Some typical fat girl excuses are the I have an eating disorder excuse or it's baby weight. Other fat girls will say that they are emotional eaters but the old standby is the mysterious endrocine condition.
Jennifer Livingston wasn't always a gluttonous porker.

Jennifer Livingston went to college so chances are she took some of the sciences for her core subjects. Jennifer Livingston probably is denying the laws of physics or she is lying. You tell me.

obesity and gluttony is indeed a choice. We at bigger fatter politics think it's a good choice and 75% of Americans agree. Instead of Jennifer trashing Kenneth Krause she should have been extolling the virtues of obesity and gluttony. Instead Jennifer made excuses for why she's fat. What kind of role model is that for our growing population of obese kids? What kind of message is she sending? Jennifer Livingston these to get on TV and let everyone know what we have been saying all along – – gluttony is good!!

We reported on Jennifer Livingston and her disingenuous fat rant. To read the report and watch the video on Bigger Fatter Politics please click here.
Check out Jennifer's jiggly jowls. Broad buxom broadcaster bulges to blimp like proportions.

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