Saturday, May 18, 2013

BOOM Shakala A Tribute to Belly Boy

BOOM shaklaka he's an all time great.
BOOM shakalaka he ate ate ate
Layin the dick to his skinny Asian ho
BOOM shakalaka Belly Boy YO!

The crowd goes wild. Fat Bastard announces that he has a special guest and out comes Snoop Dog who rocks and impromtu rhyme with the Chef and both the Chef's posse and Snoop's posse toss Belly Burgers into the crowd and a near riot ensues until a naked Belly Boy come thundering in over the audience on a zip line spewing 100+ pounds of fecal matter over the audience. The roar of the crowd is deafening as the break into 20 minutes of BOOM Shakalaka  BOOM Shakalaka  BOOM Shakalaka  BOOM Shakalaka  BOOM Shakalaka!

Belly Boy busts a few rhymes free stylin and then heads to his fleet of giant Belly Mobiles. At this point the crowd is too awed to utter a sound as they have seen the Buddah of Foodah.  It's a holy moment.

Belly Boy then jets off to his Asian tour about a rocket powered double sized replica of the Hindenberg named the Blimp Shakalaka.

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