Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fat Girls Hate Themselves

In spite of the BBW and SSBBW talk and all their other tired affirmations fat girls don't believe their own hype and it shows. As I have mentioned on the NAAFA blog, obesity and gluttony does not serve women because they clearly have demonstrated that they cannot handle the fat or the food. This becomes apparent in their incessant whining regarding their perceived victimization by the "fat" hating world. The world doesn't hate you fat bitches because you are fat, the world hates you because your attitude stinks more than the funk between your legs and under your fat folds. YUK!

It's interesting that we fat boys don't have that problem. Society loves fat men and it is not just in the US -- love and reverence for fat men in universal. Fat men are regarded as large and in charge and that is because we are. Fat men command respect and not just because of our fat, mostly it is because of our positive fattitude. Fat woman are regarded as fat and mouthy and that is because they are. When ever there are 3 or more fat girls there is often trouble.

The following two images or a fat girl posing are prime examples of self-hatred.

In the above frame this so called SSBBW is wearing welders goggles. If you have ever worn welder's goggles you would know that you can barely see anything. Subconsciously this SSBBW is telling herself that she want to remain blind to her fat and gluttony. That is the true symbolism here.

I, Fat Bastard, have never minced words and I am not going to start now. Fat girls are stinky. With all that funk between their folds a fat girl can really stink up the joint. Sometimes us fat guys get accused of being smelly but what folks smell emanating from us is our manly musk. The odor emitted by fat girls smells like a mix of rotten fish and pig shit.

The only women I know that can handle the fat, the food and the gluttony are the big fat hyper masculine manly diesel dykes. Who work hard to emulate fat men and like fat men big fat diesel dykes prefer slender feminine women.

Since most of you fat girls are pathetic fag hags (because you know that a manly man like me, Fat Bastard or the Chef would want your nasty asses) I would suggest that you get hooked up with Mr Three Dollar Bill himself Richard Simmons and one of his weight loss programs like Deal a Meal, Sweatin to the Oldies or Get Down the Pounds and lose the fucking blubber and control your fattitude but in the meantime .... STFU

My name is Richard Simmons. I like to squawk an squeal.
I love when guys undo their pants and deal me a meal.
I get so much exercise dropping to my knees.
I'm just glad that semen is so low in calories. - Richard Simmons -


  1. Hi there Fat Bastard you Fat Bastard,

    I have been reading your blogs with great interest. I have burst into tears reading your articles because I was so moved by emotion that someone was standing you for us slender and waifish women. Fat girls are just plain mean and since we normal girls are outnumbered ad outweighed by them we are thrilled to have a champion like you defending us from this angry mob of waif haters.

    I have sent you an email with my complete bio and I ask if you might consider allowing me to submit article for your approval for publication for your blogs.

    1. Miss Talia,

      I Fat Bastard have read your email and your resume and I can see no reason for you not to send articles for publication on are fat acceptance sites. I was so immpressed by your cresentials and cirruculum vitae that I would be pleased to advise you in how to create your own site dedicated to protecting skinny girls from these dreadful war beasts.

      Also thank you for the photo you included. Even though you were fully clothed in it I, Fat Bastard get hard just thinking about it.

      You will be a great addition to the Bigger Fatter Political family.


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