Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Jodi Arias: Guilty or not Guilty?

We all have seen from the O.J. Simpson case and the Casey Anthony case that juries can be really fucking stupid. They are not only stupid when it comes to acquitting guilty people but there also even more stupid when it comes to convicting innocent people. We don't have to worry about that in the Jodi arias case because that filthy little skank is as guilty as anyone can be.

Do you think the jury in the Jodi arias case will be as stupid as he O.J. and Casey Anthony jury or do you think they will figure out that Jodi Arias is as guilty as sin?

If Jodi arias is found guilty and you could be the executioner of her sentence and the sentence was a death sentence how would you put her to death? Before you decide here are some crime scene photo of her victim Travis Alexander.

How would you like to put this bitch to death?


  1. Yo yo yo! This tha GHETTO KID, fresh outta tha joint, y'heard? Dayum, I'm so glad to be outta there, they be raping ALL KINDS of dudes up in that shit. They don't even consider that to be gay up in there, only if y'all gets raped. Shit is whack, dawg. Shit get real real, real fast, when y'all find yo'self on the receiving end of 8 dudes, but they ain't mess wit me cause my cousin. But I seen shit, dawg. I seen it wit my eyeballs. I heard they screams wit my earballs.

    This white muh'fugga servin' 18 months fo' some tax shit, mannnnn, they raped the SHIT out that boy. I almost felt bad for him. He ain't even 6 feet tall, he white, he kinda fat, he under 30, so he just AXING to get raped. He got all whiney like a BITCH, saying "waaaah, you gave me HIV, waaaaaah!!" bitch, shut yo' mouth! Y'all ain't know how it works on tha INside. Besides, you know when they get a cure they gonna give it to all tha WHITE folks first.

    Anyway, this white bitch got it easy. They don't get HIV in them women prizinz. They ain't make a man a sex slave, make his ass dress up like a woman an BE somebody woman, somebody sex slave, givin' blowjobs for packs a cigarettes fo' they owner. It's funny how y'all think prison justice is a good thing, but y'all ain't even realize that the dudes who done the worst shit, they the ones rapin' the shit outta them dawgs that got busted wit a coupla gramz o' didn't pay they taxes.

    Da Ghetto Kid

    1. Just ta clarify dis shit, I ain't down for that homo romo. I done seen them 8 d00dz go to town on that 27 yea' ol' white boy tho.

      Da Ghetto Kid, with a Ghetto Clarifficayshin

  2. Ghetto Kid, my ebonics ain't up to snuff but I'll to my best to respond.

    Yo yo yo yo my nigga. That white ho she be hoin it up with some of the guards. That ho loves sex and she will be gettin plenty in da big house.


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