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Regarding NAAFA, Feederism and the New American Fat Acceptance Movement: A Firestorm Revisited

Regarding NAAFA, Feederism and the New American Fat Acceptance Movement.



Some time ago a reporter from CNN interviewed Bigger Fatter Blog's Proud FA and part of that interview is on Wikipedia. We will be updating this article when more information becomes available.

Has anyone heard these terms used before? It seems like terms some guy just made up for this article or something. (talk) 00:38, 27 February 2010 (UTC)
I have heard of the term of "Maintainer" before, specifically on | Growing Guysand | Beefyfrat, but I have yet to have heard "Appreciator" Before.--Fumitol (talk) 01:29, 9 May 2010 (UTC)
NAAFA's condemnation of feederism is dishonest. For many years NAAFA had/has a very close relationship with Conrad Blickenstorfer of Penn Computing who is the owner of Dimension Magazine. Dimensions magazine is dedicated to the practice of feederism. Blickenstorfer served on the NAAFA board of directors. The New American Fat Acceptance (NAFAM) movement does endorse feederism and its mysterious leaders. Fat Bastard was once a gainer and co founder Proud FA is known in Fat Acceptance circles as the Dean of Feederism.


Wikipedia also makes reference to Fat Bastard http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fat_fetishism#Relation_to_fat_acceptance_movement 

Relation to fat acceptance movement

Some people involved in the fat acceptance movement argue that fat fetishism undermines social movements towards fat acceptance, through counter-productive objectification and dehumanization of fat people. They argue that often, fat fetishists (specifically feeders) derive sexual pleasure from increasing immobility, disability, or helplessness in the fat person through weight gain. Some people take issue with the coercion which is sometimes involved in fat fetishism.
NAAFA draws a distinction between fat fetishism and fat admiration: NAAFA states that "a preference for a fat partner is as valid as any other preference based on physical characteristics",[3] but also condemns feederism as coercive.[2] NAAFA advocating that people "celebrate the current weight of their partner as one aspect of the whole person".[2]

Others in the Fat Acceptance Movement such as Mike (Fat Bastard) Gerard of NAFAM (New American Fat Acceptance Movement) takes a neutral position on feederism and sees no difference between fat admiration and fat fetishism.

NAAFA's condemnation of feederism was weak at best as NAAFA had/has a long standing relationship and productive history with Conrad Blickenstorfer's and his Dimensions Magazine, the internet's leading gaining and feederism site. Blickenstorfer (the Godfather of Feedersim) remianed on NAAFA's board of directors long after NAAFA's anemic condemnation of feederism.
I, Fat Bastard and Proud FA took a lot of heat from the fatosphere for exposing NAAFA's hypocrisy and duplicity. I guess some people just can't handle the truth or admit that their stewardship of the fat acceptance movement is what destroyed it.
The following are some exchanges that occurred between Proud FA, Wolf, Pig and I and some angry NAAFA girls.
Pig said...

Angry Sow said...
You need a fact checker. Conrad has not been involved with NAAFA in over 5 years. It was after that time that NAAFA made their statement against feederism.

Fat Bastard said...
Anon, you are full of shit. What NAAFA says officially and what is really going on are two different things.

The fact remains that he was involved heavily (pun intended) with NAAFA for a very long time. When NAAFA condemned Conrad and feederism their membership and donations plummeted. NAAFA's dishonesty and hypocrisy came back and bit them.

They need a rooster in that hen house and Conrad was the rooster they needed.

Here at Bigger Fatter Blog we actively promote gluttony. NAAFA did the same thing but they denied they were promoting gluttony. If Conrad had been allowed to take the helm NAAFA would not be the joke it is today.

Dimension Magazine remains the Cadillac of gaining and feederism. Dimensions is unsurpassed by all the Johnny come lately feeder sites.

The only person to do more for fat acceptance than Conrad was Bill Fabrey. We are now carrying the Bill Fabrey torch. Our position on feederism and gaining remains neutral. We welcome gainers and feeders into the New American Fat Acceptance Movement (NAFAM)

Both Bill and Conrad got it right. Neither Conrad nor Bill need NAAFA but NAAFA needs them. Sadly NAAFA is too stupid to see it.

Angry Sow, you are full of shit. Let's see some proof.

Pig said...

NAAFA Defector said...
I agree Fat Bastard you fat bastard. NAAFA's position on feederism is hypocritical. The conventions have always been a feederist orgy.

Conrad was the best thing that ever happened to NAAFA. The NAAFA position hurt the entire movement. When the angry dykes and the other fat femminists took over it was like letting the inmates run the asylum.

Thank God for you Fat Bastard and your Bigger Fatter Blog. Now we fatlings stand a fighting chance.


Fat Acceptance Womyn said...
You should not attack NAAFA, the only group that is actually effective in standing up for the rights of persons of size. Feederism is a dangerous practice akin to slavery, in which a man forces a woman to change her body size for his own gratification. We believe that womyn have the right to choose their own food according to the principles of Intuitive Eating, and in harmony with the guiding teaching of Health at Every Size. It is about liberation, but your acceptance of feederism is the opposite for womyn because it denies them their right to eat according to Intuitive Eating.

You need to throw your support under the auspices of NAAFA leadership and reject feederism and perhaps there could even be a position of leadership available to you even though you are a former NAAFA member and have turned against the movement and thus against all womyn of size.

But as it stands right now your movement sounds like just a bunch of feeder apologists rather than a Fat Acceptance movement. You also deny the science behind obesity by insisting on an unproven relationship between calorie intake and weight, failing to comprehend the different metabolic processes of a womyn as she goes through the different stages of her life. All womyn experience this but men do not, and thus it is usually hard for an unenlightened man to understand this and appreciate a sensual woman with real curves.


Fat Acceptance Womyn

Proud FA said... 
As the Dean of Feedersim all I can say is poppycock.

Perhaps you need a little history lesson about NAAFA. NAAFA was started by a MAN. NAAFA meant National Association AIDING Fat Americans. That man was Bill Fabrey and his vision was correct.

NAAFA hit its stride and was gaining members when a MAN Conrad Blickenstorfer was in charge of the hen house.

Since according to NAAFA there is no such thing as too fat then all a feeder is doing is helping these fat girls reach their metabolic set point and ideal weight.

These feedees have a mind of their own. They choose to be fed by a feeder. I know that you "womyn" think that men should please women but "womyn should not please men. IN the feeder feedee relationship both parties get pleased.

It's funny that there are not female feeders. It seems that you fat girls only want skinny guys like me. DOUBLE STANDARD MUCH??

HAES is bullshit. With the fake food today eating it based on intuition will make you fat. Womyn are really fucking stupid. When I was porking fat girls like you none of them had a clue about how many calories they were eating and when I was feeding them I could tell those sows to within 1/4 of a pound how much they would gain.

Today I am engaged to a skinny woman because I want to have healthy kids. Many FAs end up with skinny woman after they are through sowing their wild oats.

You fat girls screwed Bill Fabrey and you screwed Conrad the two people who did the most for the SA movement. Maybe if you fat girls stopped hating men and skinny girls people would take the SA/FA  movement seriously. Right now it's a joke.

ALL fat people are gluttons and you NAAFA womyn are no exception. Embrace your gluttonous nature and realize that gluttony is good and the obese will take you seriously. 

PS There are more fat men than fat women so you can take your hormone theory and blow it out your fat asses.

Wolf said...
Obesity boils down to calories in, calories out. The human body cannot work any other way, just ask any doctor who ISN”T a quack and you will get the same answer. When you eat too much and move too little you get fat. The people at NAAFA are in denial, big time pig time and intuitive eating is a sham. The people at NAAFA would have us believe that the recent rise in obesity is somehow not real and obesity does not endanger your health. Every thinking individual in this world knows this to be false and a convenient excuse to remain as a big tub of lard. What they don’t want to face is that people are gluttonous and that it is human nature to greedily consume more than your fair share. NAAFA may be good for fighting fat discrimination or standing up for the rights of fatties but they sure as hell don’t get it when it comes to why people are getting fat and why they cannot lose or will not lose weight. Feederism is a big reason why people are fat and almost everyone practices it in some form or another. Our love affair with food, its availability and overabundance makes feederism all too easy. Our overindulgent lifestyle and our inability to say no to food, greed, and gluttony is evidence of this.

BTW, none of this matters in the slightest. As the US prints more and more money to prop up its government sponsored entitlements and the dollar inflates beyond control the big global economic cataclysm that is looming in the background will hit us like a tidal wave of reality. Once that happens all the gluttons will be nothing more than food for the savage hordes that will be let lose upon our soft, weak, gluttonous society. We are a fat weak nation of morons who are over dependant on electronic gadgets, petroleum, fast food and soft living and our demise is near. Too bad we are just too busy eating like pigs to notice.

Proud FA said... 

I am filling in for Fat Bastard because he is still recovering from a fecal impaction and he is heavily medicated.

Calories in vs calories out? Both Fat Bastard and I agree with you 100%. It really is that simple.

There are a lot of weight loss scams and doctors are a big part of it.

Neither Fat Bastard nor I will deny that obesity has many serious health risks but the fact remains fatlings are not going to stop their greedy gluttony. We have no choice but to accept it and therefore Fat Bastard and I created the NEW fat acceptance movement.

You don't see the big picture yet. Obesity is good. Obesity will create many opportunities for other gluttons like the corporate medical industry and health care jobs and these are jobs that can't be off-shored.

NAAFA is comprised of angry man hating fat girls. Fat girls are not the sharpest cheddar so they will deny the laws of physics and buy into the Kelly Bliss and Linda Bacon HAES bullshit.

NAAFA hurts fatlings. Most fatlings are NOT in denial about their gluttony but sadly they are ashamed of it. Given the scientific reality of obesity there cannot be fat acceptance without gluttony acceptance.

We want fatlings to know that gluttony is GOOD!  

Fat Acceptance Womyn said...
I take offense at a lot of what you are saying. I know that NAAFA was founded by a man, but he was an enlightened man who stood up for the rights of womyn of size, which does not seem to be on your agenda at all. Therefore if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.

Let's face the facts, NAAFA leadership has expanded the rights of persons of size both men and womyn and is a place where womyn can express themselves in a judgment-free zone, unlike in the male-dominated world outside where womyn are judged solely based on their genetic predisposition towards being anorexic. We take a broader view and recognize the rights of ALL humans, whether they are large or small or in between.

It is true that there is no such thing as "too fat" just as there is no such thing as "too tall" or "too short" or "too left-handed". Our bodies naturally attune to their appropriate weight by adjusting the metabolism to what the body intakes, to reach the pre-determined weight. This is why diets fail, since the body merely reduces the metabolism. When one eats to their heart's content they reach their appropriate weight.

However feederism is a subversion of this natural process, in which a man seeks to dominate and control his partner by causing her to eat more than she wants to eat, often under threats of physical violence, or with emotional abuse and ridicule about her weight, or by making her afraid that he will leave her if she does not eat more. This can cause weight gain to increase beyond what the natural amount would be if following Intuitive Eating.

We believe that eating is a personal choice, and should not be forced upon us by men for their fetishes. Womyn have been treated as sex objects for milennia, and NAAFA is the way to end this.

Of course if there were female feeders we would oppose this as well, but of course there are none because only men are capable of such evil. Women are more in tune with the earth, and their bodies, and thus they do not seek pleasure by inflicting pain on others. It's basic science.

As for the preferences of womyn of size, they can pick their mates at will. Who says it even has to be a man? This is just more of the hetero-normative garbage that the media has been spewing for the last 50 years. A womyn needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. But for those womyn who deign to choose men, weight has nothing to do with it. Men should be attracted to womyn based on their personality only, not on such irrelevant factors such as body size. Get it?

It doesn't matter if you marry a thin womyn or not, but I just hope that you do not engage in feederism with her and that if she does I hope she ends the relationship. I also hope that she joins NAAFA.

To respond to Mr. Wolf, the body's calorie intake affects your metabolism. The more calories you intake, the higher your metabolism, which burns more calories in excess of your natural weight. This is why diets only work temporarily and yo-yo diets actually increase weight gain by throwing the natural metabolism out of balance.

Also there are many health benefits of being a person of size, such as a higher chance of surviving a heart attack. Your own "Teddy Bear" has even pointed out that he saw a skinny man die of a heart attack but has never seen a fat man die of a heart attack. This is scientific evidence that cannot be ignored.

Let's just face the facts and agree that the so-called health detriments of obesity are actually caused by the SHAME and tormenting done by the mass media, fashion magazines that give young womyn unrealistic expectations of their body size, and men's unrealistic expectations of womny's body size based on PORNOGRAPHY magazines and the like, are the real culprits here.


Fat Acceptance Womyn

Fat Bastard said...

You Womyn are always bitching about something.

Our Agenda is the same as Bill Fabrey's and more. Bill set out to AID fat people and he is doing that to this very day with Ample Stuff. We are doing what NAFFA does but does not acknowledge. WE PROMOTE GLUTTONY AND OBESITY for ALL fatlings not just the ones with a vagina. That is the reason for why Google analytics says that Bigger Fatter Blog is the leading fat acceptance site. Bigger Fatter Blog represents fat people of every age, gender, race, color, creed and political stripe.

Fat people are gluttons and this bullshit denial of the obesity gluttony connection has hurt the movement and it has hurt fat people. Most fatling know that they are gluttons but they think that gluttony is a bad thing. Gluttony is the last tabboo. We are here to tell people that GLUTTONY IS GOOD!

The way you fat girls blame lean and skinny women for the fact that you are fat and bitter about it never ceases to amaze me. Stop playing the victims. You fat girls get laid a hell of a lot more than fat guys and you fat girls fuck a lot more and get knocked up a lot more than skinny women. You fat womyn are just a dildo or a tongue away form getting your switches flicked. We fat guys have all sorts of problems getting wood even if we can find a girl who will fuck us. To make matters worse many of us are too fat to fuck a fat girl. In spite of that we fat boys are not a bunch of whiners and we are not out there playing the victim.

Leave it to a womyn to deny the laws of physics and human metabolism. I have lost weight and I maintained that weight loss for 8 months but then I decided to return to my gluttonous ways and I suffered a recent fecal impaction as a result but is was worth it. FOOD RULES! FOOD IS MY GOD and it is your God too!

Food is love.

Before you womyn come here with all your out dated fat feminist NAAFA drivel you may want to read more of this blog.

You are also misrepresenting Dr Bear's work and statements. Dr Bear's work with fat soma-types is cutting edge. If you took the time to read his work on apples vs pears you would not make such misinformed statements regarding his body of work. Dr Bear's work is cutting edge and IMO should be included in every fat studies program here and abroad. IMO Teddy's work is the ONLY credible work published by anyone in the movement. Wann, Bliss, Campos and Portnick are not only unqualified but they are a joke. Teddy understands the science of it. He's the first and the best bariatric nutritionist on the planet. Teddy's mindful diet combined with his pear shape and low testosterone is why he has not had a heart attack. I could never have a BMI as high are Teddy and live more than a few months.


Happy Fat Girl

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