Thursday, June 13, 2013

George W Obama

'George W. Obama' (via The Huffington Post)

'George W. Obama' isn't a very comfortable look for the president

Karl Rove's in his corner, but Al Gore isn't. So if Barack Obama looks in the mirror, or on the Internet, and doesn't recognize himself, it's no wonder. This creepy mashup of "George W. Obama" went viral after the Huffington Post posted it on the site's front page in the wake of revelations that communications companies have been sharing Americans' phone records with the National Security Agency. And for once, there's more outrage from the left (the ACLU called it "Orwellian") than the right, where a critic like former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer cackles that the president is "vindicating Bush." Obama's plea that "we're going to have some problems here" without trust seems to be true. It looks as if he has one. [Source]

You may be asking... Hey Fat Bastard where is the fat angle here other than the intelligence industrial complex getting fatter? I'm glad you asked. Al Gore is fat as hell and he's waded in on this.

Al Gore: NSA Phone Records Collecting ‘Obscenely Outrageous’

Posted by Gaby T, June 11, 2013

Al Gore had some harsh words for the Obama administration in response to the news,first reported by The Guardian on Wednesday, that the National Security Agency had been secretly collecting millions of Verizon customers’ phone records for the past few months.

The former vice president slammed the overreach of the NSA’s surveillance powers on Twitter.
While Gore is best known for his work on climate change, he has also expressed his concern about threats to privacy rights in the past.
Earlier this year at South By Southwest, Gore decried a creeping government culture of surveillance.

“The government is about to complete this $2 billion facility in Utah that can sweep up everything” from phone calls to emails,: Gore said, according to tech news website Slashdot. “And the Supreme Court just ruled you can’t sue.”

Gore was also outspoken when the media revealed that the Bush administration had been engaging in warrantless wiretapping. The practice “virtually compels the conclusion that the president of the United States has been breaking the law repeatedly and persistently,” Gore said in a speech in 2006,

The New York Times reported.
via June 06 News: Al Gore: NSA Phone Records Collecting ‘Obscenely Outrageous’ | Huffington Post

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